Sony Announces Three HD 1080 Camcorders

Sony today announced three new additions to its groundbreaking high-definition camcorder line: the flash-based HDR-CX7 and the hard disk-based HDR-SR7 and HDR-SR5. All three models record full HD 1080 video(MPEG-4) with Dolby Digital 5.1-channel surround sound, and each has a Carl Zeiss 10X optical-zoom lens as well as optical image stabilization.

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XxZxX4197d ago

what's this have to do with Games?

techie4197d ago

We have a tech section on the if you find anything on tech it can be posted :)

HuntingYou4197d ago

I thought that tech section mean techonolgy about new code or something. can i post about a new shoe techonolgy that enables white men to disrespect intended.

fenderputty4197d ago

I'm just wondering if I can pan this idea off on my GF. lol

Robotz Rule4197d ago

Why do people keep complaining about "What Does This Have To Do With Games",Deep has the answer!,thanks Deep!!!!!:):D

techie4197d ago

can't believe i used the royal we...deary me. Not my bloody site is it

AuburnTiger4197d ago

To compete with this, Microsoft will release an update that will enable the xbox vision chat camera to record your face in 1080p. no lie

techie4197d ago

uh ps3 eyetoy is 1080p...

Systematrix4197d ago (Edited 4197d ago )

"Though most of the news on N4G is directly game related it doesn’t necessarily have to be. A news story about a new technology for use in HDTVs is not directly related to video games but would still be of interest to many gamers. The Tech category would be fitting for this story."

I think it's a good story but I don't see how this would be "of interest" to gamers. Not knocking you by any means Robotz_Rule, your posts are always really good. Anyway, it's better than I'm doing, my posts aren't getting approvals today...LOL. =)

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The story is too old to be commented.