The Gears Of War Screenplay: Our Thoughts

Kotaku: We've come into possession of a draft screenplay for the Gears of War movie. If you'd like to remain spoiler-free, move right along. If, however, you'd like to see what we think of it, read on!

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KionicWarlord2224387d ago (Edited 4387d ago )

omg ...

I dont want to ...

But i must....

No....i wont click the link...

shut up and click the link....

*click* sounds goods...

But it depends on the actor`s .

Rusco874387d ago

Im thinking Full CG film, and use the original voice actors from the game

Jockamo4387d ago

Although this would be the best thing--like a Resident Evil Degeneration or Advent Children, it's not the Hollywood way...

...but me oh my, this looks like it's gonna be an over-the-top gore fest. I'm hoping it can elicit the same reaction as the most recent Rambo movie. I was cheering in the audience during that flick...

ShabzS4387d ago

oh wow this sounds good ... the after credit scene would work brilliantly ... i still think they should go with the rock on this one ...

Mo0eY4387d ago

Epic Games' udders must be pretty sore after Microsoft's man-handling.

anaviel4387d ago

I WAS THINKING FOR THE MAIN CHARACTER MARCUS......The dude from anaconda blood orchid....the boat captain....he has the deep voice and he could be gruffed up.......he has the right build....I just dont believe getting an overly HUGE dude to play the part would be wise......IDK though just my humble opinion....being that there aren't any oscar worthy lines I think he could pull it off quite well

jerethdagryphon4387d ago

ok that sounds about as bad as the halo screen play ive read..

still if its to your liking have fun ill save my 6£ for something else

Scarfy4387d ago

"There's not much chit-chat. Don't expect long-winded conversations about the savagery of war, observations of the frailty of human society or concerns over the destruction of a planet; the Gears movie (so far, at least) is a place for stupid one-liners and ultra-violence."

Oh dear. This is why game to movie translations simply don't work - they think that all people want to see is a 90 minute action sequence. Any character development, guys..?

"There are scenes where Marcus and Dom eviscerate entire squads with their chainsaws. Marcus' first Locust kill is via a vicious curb-stomp. He also manages to blow four Locust's heads off in succession with a longshot, we witness extreme acts of torture and bloodshed on an epic scale, as a Locust horde mows down a crowd of women and children."

No comment.

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The story is too old to be commented.