12 ways to get ready for Wii Sports Resort

Wii Sports is one of the most played titles on the Wii and is (so they say) one of the most successful games of all time. Granted, it was bundled in with the Wii, and considering how the Wii is one of the most successful consoles ever, it's natural to think that the game that came with it would get considerable play time. Its simple gameplay made it a great introduction to the Wii hardware and remote, with games such as tennis, bowling and boxing all offering simple enjoyment with almost non-existent learning curves.

Now, we are set to get the official sequel in Wii Sports Resort, a title that had promised to showcase Nintendo's new Wii MotionPlus (a device which allows for more accurate motion sensoring) with all-new games. From Frisbee to swordplay, to basketball and archery, Wii Sports Resort is set to give us everything we loved about Wii! (pun not intended)

With the release right around the corner, MyWii going to help make sure you're prepared and ready before you visit Wii Sports Resort.

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