[email protected]e gets an update

[email protected] is getting an update to show Sony's continued committment to the program. It's going to give us an improvement in folding calculation speeds, increased visibility of user locations on the globe and the ability to create longer donor/team names.

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InMyOpinion4289d ago

Can't wait for [email protected] 2! Even more cr-r-razy folds!

XxZxX4289d ago

this is crazy... even the folding is improving...WOW what happen to sony lately.

MetalProxy4289d ago

Is the update going to be seperate from the PS3 update. It would be nice to see a list of the teams and how they are doing.

Bleyd4289d ago

Because the original download for the [email protected] software was separate from the PS3 update. All the update did was provide the icon so that you could download it in the first place. You'll probably have to delete the software and then download it again much like you do with a demo that's been updated on the PSN.

Bebedora4289d ago

Isn't this program from stanford univ? Then I think sony is just giving it clearance to be used on the PS3 and in return Sony gets good PR. Not that bad PR either. :D

Brandon4289d ago

if i'm not wrong sony also helped the develop of folding for ps3

Bebedora4289d ago

sounds reasonabel. I just wanted to get to the facts before people screams Sony as the only man behind it coming to PS3. Honor those that so should. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.