Rock Band Giveaway - Pepsi, Harmonix and BeefJack team up: Part 2

BeefJack writes: "Just like last time, Rock Band devs, and Pepsi, want you to become the next big star in rock music. And just like last time, you can grab all the glamorous details here:"

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JustinSaneV24388d ago

I love you how are trying to make it seem that Pepsi and Harmonix are involving your site with them as a special promotion.

Cyrus3654387d ago

Lol not my site, and it's the title of the site, are we allowed to creatively edit titles, i just generally use the whatever the article is.

JustinSaneV24387d ago (Edited 4387d ago )

I doubt you're being serious as you are a top contributor but I'll humor you.

N4G rules state your always use the original title.

"This is where you will be creating the actual news post. Start with typing in a Story Title. The story title should always be the same as the headline of the story you link to. So do not edit the original title or create your own headlines unless the original doesn’t make any sense when posted on N4G. Also please remove any exclamation marks from the headline if any."

Cyrus3654387d ago i used the original title...the title does make sense, it may not be accurate, but that's not for me to decide.