August Xbox 360 Update Bears Good News About Save Files

It's commonplace for game companies to make gamers' saved-game files oddly incompatible with things they seemingly should be compatible with. So the news Microsoft had for Kotaku today about saved-game cross-compatibility is a progressive step.

On August 11, gamers will be able to download full Xbox 360 games to their console using the new Xbox Live Games on Demand service. At least 30 titles will be available at launch, including some you already own.

A spokesperson for Xbox 360 told Kotaku today that existing save-game files for those games will be compatible with any copies of the games you download from the service. Have a Mass Effect save but you long ago sold Mass Effect back to GameStop or accidentally ran the disc over with your lawnmower? The save file will work with the version of the game you can purchase for download.

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Blaze9294386d ago

uh...duh? of course it would work

Ziriux4386d ago

Yea, of course it may work, I'm not going to absolutely say yes or no, because I'm not 100% sure, but it seems likely.

@ Blaze, it's getting approved babe, you report is worthless, as always. :)

joemayo764386d ago

this is cool but its also expected, dammit i'm def gunna need a bigger HDD soon that 20gig just aint gunna cut it after this.

IdleLeeSiuLung4386d ago

"It may seem like an obvious feature, but it is was not a given. Save files for Burnout Paradise, the first disc-based game of this hardware generation that was later released as a full console download (on the PlayStation 3) were not compatible. Saves from the disc game did not work with saves from the digital game." -Kotaku

MKV4386d ago

You mean 13gig just aint gunna cut it. LOL

sukru4386d ago

It actually is 14G but you're on spot. I was about to call the tech support when my 360 first arrived. The system information showed 14Gb free, and even formatting did not help. My first reaction was "it should be a bad drive", anyways Googling helped.

I'm still waiting for a cheaper upgrade option. It really is tiring to manage that tiny amount of space.


I have 60 GigaBytes HD and i can fit atleast 5 games maybe more on it + Arcade titles demos and videos. Anyway anyone knows how much these games gonna cost?

The Matrix4386d ago

Accidentally run over your disk with your lawnmower? WTF LMAO...

AAACE54386d ago

A new SKU on the way! There will be a 300 Gb HDD 360 released around Xmas, probably with a 2 game bundle! Also, the 360 will take another price drop, so that the bundle will stay around $400.

Tito Jackson4386d ago

Get rid of a game, but still keep your save file?

I'm curious to know. I have an Elite, so I have plenty of space, but I still delete my save file when I get rid of a game.

The-Director4385d ago

I never delete a save file, never, you never know when you will need them, i even still have PS2 saves on memory cards.

IdleLeeSiuLung4385d ago

I never delete save games ever either (unless I'm overwriting some old ones or there are too many), but did by accident erase GeoW2 while trying to delete the game from my hd....

joemayo764385d ago

hell yea same here got ps2 game saves on mem cards, hell i've still got my ps1 saves of rayman,pandemonium, and spot goes to hollywood on my mem cards (they've all been backed up on to the ps3 as well tho)

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Xeall4386d ago

Funny some friends and i were just discussing this...

We'll see where it goes

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user39158004386d ago (Edited 4386d ago )

Only 360 has the capabilities to outdo itself and the rest will follow (sony in particular copycats).

More advanced technology for free, things will only get better with time, I mean look at the RROD its not longer an issue and e74 its a thing of the past, 360 has been the second most reliable console in the market since september 2008, while sony crap machine its at a 14% increase in faulty machine (fact) look it up.

Although Sony has their advantage in screwing the public for free, here its an example:
We will have PS2 backwards compatibility (not)
Graphics unmatched to any PC (not)
Fastest procesor (not)
Greatest remote sixaxis its crap
Online streaming (faulty downstream)
8 SPE (not, only 4 use by developers)
Home greatest open world (not pedophile heaven)
Games obliterate competition (not 99% of games are better on 360)
No multy screen, takes 4 PS3 to do what the 360 can do out of the box.
Lies upon lies, we will have the greatest line up in the history of gaming this year at E3 conference, end result all titles cancel until next year or the year after or the year after,,,,,,,,,,,,

And the list goes on forever, but if you still like it than you are a fandroid that needs support from the true gaming community (jump in).

However, not all its lost, at least sony was capable to bring a pink dildo to the PS3 community, so there its more pain in the little pride that you have left. Hmmmmmm, long, pink, attractive and Im curious on all the thinks that I can do with it (ouch not there it hurts).

Fandroids will never learned, they are close mind it and easy to fool.

By the way Nelson M its a troll that dont know anything about gaming and probably 6 years old that likes to get spank (fact).

Jack Klugman4386d ago

keep on preaching the gospel! +bubbles you need them.

rjgbyrne4386d ago

In fact I rang MS on numerous occasions and have had 2 Xboxs so far. A fall update I done wiped my whole hard drive, I lost all saves, my gamerscore was ok but the saves where wiped. When it happened I checked the internet and it had also happened to a select few people. When my Xbox Red Ringed the second time all my saves (Progress) was wiped too, I sent my machine off, without the hard drive... when it came back I put the hard drive on and it was blank, I had to connect to live for my gamertag and all saves where gone as well as my miusoic and anything else on my harddrive, but I suppose you don't have to believe me, its fine. If you check my posts I am pro-xbox, except for those silly advertisements but this 'error' was annoying and I was just sharing, after all isn't that what a forum is for!?!

KionicWarlord2224386d ago

That`s really weird if it did wipe your hard drive ...

LilMissGoddess4385d ago

it had to be something to with your hard drive itself, theres no way you lose your gamer can pull your profile up on any other xbox and everything you have ever played is on there, i have been with microsoft since the 1st xbox and have never heard of anyone losing there gamer score, sorry but your full of sh1t like i said before...i think you are just trying to see what attention you can get from the sony fans that are on here...

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