GamePro: The 33 Best PS3 Games

GamePro writes: "Who says the PS3 doesn't have great games? Like its predecessors, Sony's next-gen console is destined to be the home of some truly awe-inspiring games, and already has a continually growing library of true gems to its credit. Here are thirty-three titles that every PlayStation 3 owner should have in their collection".

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Salta_nelas4391d ago

No Wipeout HD??

Those 10 first spots need a few tweaks imo.

Trollimite4391d ago

i couldnt agree more!

the list is unorganized

Orange4391d ago

WipeOut is a better choice than Super Stardust.

Eden is a better choice than Monsters.

Bioshock didn't wow me. It's solid, but the environments and scale are limited. Maybe an excursion into the sea in a pod? Would've been cool.

Ratchet is a little high.

I'd play LBP way more if i could install and play it off the HD.

Killzone still wows me.

Uncharted is King. #1.

hulk_bash19874391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

No Valkyria Chronicles, No go.

Maddens Raiders4391d ago

is one hell of a roller coaster ride. Gotta love that ending!

Guitarded4391d ago

Nice to see someone else aware that their opinion is uncalled for. I, too, feel the need to give my opinions when uncalled for. Only many times in a negative way, that as you may or may not be able to see has cost me a few bubbles. No point. Just an observation of the desire to voice ones opinion to possible opposition or agreement.

FamilyGuy4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

But they are missing quite a few fan favorites

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm
Valkeria Chronicles
Demon's Souls
Soul Calibur IV

Is this list just best sellers or what?

Rag Doll Kung Fu I really liked but it seems not many share this opinion.

Syronicus4391d ago

It should have been the top 40 games... Missing out on VC, Wipeout and a few others makes me wanna cry.

I_am_rushin4391d ago

All those games are great, but the order is way off. Assassin's Creed better than inFamous? I don't think so!

mastiffchild4390d ago

Any list that puts TES4 below the series lowpoint Fallout3 is full of fail in my book and the omission of VC just shows them up as being plain silly!

F3 is just not as good a game as Oblivion(even though it borrows much from it) and as a fan of the first Fallout games the near universal praise for a game with TWO borked combat systems is beyond me. The second best PS3 game? It isn't even the best Bethesda PS3 game!

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Trollimite4391d ago

the title should best games on ps3!

i thought they where talking about exclusives.
also i hope they arent in any spesific order, because any ps3 owner would pick killzone 2 over GTA4, i think...

skygear754391d ago

MGS4 is totally awesome :D! I'm playing it now.

presto7174391d ago

Everything is just out of order.


a_squirrel4391d ago

It's not IN order, although i would've liked some ragdoll kungfu