About a Boy: Molyneux on Milo

If there was one thing that generated a lot of buzz at E3, it was Microsoft's Project Natal – and, more specifically, Lionhead's latest curio: Milo, the virtual boy.

Similarly, nothing from E3 has been so misunderstood. Look at your average forum or blog and you'll find people polarised into two camps: those that believe it was an elaborate set-up, and those that believe it to be the biggest development in artificial intelligence and the beginning of a new era for human-computer interaction.

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Chris3994391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

Reads like a gay porn movie. It's not helping with the Milo/ pedo jokes.

Zedux4391d ago

Bill Gates has said Natal/Milo will go the PC routes too. After the E3 trailer known to be running on a PC guess that was expected!