IGN: Shatter Review

IGN writes: "Shatter is a delight from beginning to end. The new ideas it brings to the table for this aging genre will make it hard to go back to Arkanoid. A multiplayer mode or something more substantial to do after completing the story would have been nice, but those minor disappointments don't keep this from being a must-play game. Shatter stands right up there with Breakout and Arkanoid as one of (if not the) best brick-breaking games ever made".

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skynidas4385d ago

I knew that this game was going to be awesome, definitely getting this thursday.

Marceles4385d ago

Yeah I'm really getting it now. I planned on getting it before when I saw it on Pulse, but this just confirms it.

iHEARTboobs4385d ago

I'm just taking a look at it now and it looks cool. I might get it.

Beg For Mercy4385d ago

the AAA'S just keep on rollin

krouse934385d ago

I am definitely picking this up on Thursday too because damn it looks great.

Cajun Chicken4385d ago

Hey, with this kindly being compared to Arkanoid, this is going to be an epic 'breakout' game. Can't wait!

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