Confirmed: no co-op, no zero-g modes in Crysis

Encroaching deadlines and AI tweaks have forced Crytek to abandon a number of supplemental play options, the most important of which is the abandoned co-op mode.

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gta_cb4290d ago

this sucks! especially when online co op is so fun!

Rooted_Dust4290d ago (Edited 4289d ago )

They already talked about this. They said it would be up to the modding community to add these features. It will probably only take a month or two for the Zero-G, but Co-Op might take longer. I prefer it this way, rather than waiting till '08, for them to add supplemental features.

Gamer134289d ago

Most pc users don,t have the graphics card or what ever is needed to run this mindblwing game, and if i should buy whats needed to run this game it will be more money than the 360 and PS3.

IM OUT...///"""

Rooted_Dust4289d ago

I'm sure Ubisoft will make you some spinoffs, like they did with Farcry. That will free up Crytek to get to work on Crysis 2.

BubblesDAVERAGE4289d ago

It probably couldnt fit on the little dvd.....(Why did I say that) (one bubble one chance Right)

Leathersoup4289d ago

Crytek should be looking at what co-op did for Gears of War. It would have sold a lot of copies regardless but I'm sure the online co-operative mode played a big part in that.

BrotherSic4289d ago

I dont think coop mode will have sold that many more copies of gears as the game was just so good but Crytek should implement it.

Every shooter should now have coop as standard