GameStop Honored as 'Retailer of the Year'

The Entertainment Merchants Association (EMA) has revealed the winners for its annual Retailer of the Year awards, and not too surprisingly, in the video game category GameStop (the world's biggest gaming retailer) took top honors. was also honored for its DVD/Blu-ray business, while Hollywood at Home was given the Independent Retailer award and Hastings Entertainment, Inc. won the Chairman's Award.

The awards are voted on by colleagues "based on business practices, operational policies, marketing and merchandising programs, customer service, and involvement in EMA."

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The Obvious4394d ago

You will find games from GameStop.

TheColbertinator4394d ago

Of course they won.Gamestop bought out most of the competition

Bnet3434394d ago

What a joke of a store. Even though I'm going to go buy a game tomorrow at Gamestop, I still hate them.

jessupj4394d ago

Go to walmart instead. Don't support this facsist dictatorship which is GS

Panthers4393d ago

I never shop at Gamestop anymore and I never sell my games there.

If you need to sell games, do it on eBay or something. You will make more and the person buying it will spend less.

nnotdead4393d ago

or go to or any other game swapping site.

danthaman154393d ago

"Go to walmart instead. Don't support this facsist dictatorship which is GS"

Irony win.

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Pennywise4394d ago

Places where I live, Gamestop has to be your go to store for games. They are the only one that has the games on time and in stock.

Seraphim4393d ago (Edited 4393d ago )

I hear ya. that's why I always go If I don't mind waiting a couple days I get free two day shipping. If I want the game right away I can pay $4 to have it sent overnight and still spend less than I would at a store. And for bigger games they've been offering free overnight to prime members. It's been well worth the price to have amazon prime. It's been nice to see them offering most pre-orders for $56-57 or occasionally less along w/ $10 off a future game purchase last Fall and it looks to be rolling out again for games this late Summer/Fall [Madden, CoDMW2]... ;)

but yeah, you can't count on Walmart and that place is a dump. I can't speak for all but there's SOO many games they don't get at all or don't get until 3+ weeks out. Shopko is awful rarely even getting a new release until Wed-Fri, and Kmart doesn't even know what's going on (they still want $60 for Kingdom Hearts, when the BLEEP was Kingdom Hearts ever $60!?) and there's no gamestop here (though I doubt I'd go there anyway). I learned my lesson years. Don't bother. Go online, save some change, and be ensured you can get the game you want when you want it... ;)

Sunny_D4394d ago


RockmanII74394d ago

I go to Play n Trade unless I'm pre-ordering something. They get stuff about a week after it comes out, along with having the biggest N64 library around.

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