Xbox 360 'Games On Demand' coming Aug. 11, XBLA getting South Park game

Chris Remo from Gamasutra writes:

"Xbox 360's fall dashboard update is due August 11, Microsoft said today, and amongst its inclusions is Xbox Live Games on Demand, the digital distribution service Microsoft announced during E3.

Initially, the service will allow gamers to buy and download more than 30 games, including Mass Effect, BioShock, Assassin's Creed, and Lego Star Wars. Microsoft claims additional games will be added on a weekly basis.

In addition to its availability via Xbox Live Marketplace, successful animated series South Park will also be represented on Xbox Live Arcade by way of the upcoming game South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play."

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GiantEnemyCrab4390d ago (Edited 4390d ago )

I was really excited for that South Park game and then I find out it's a Tower Defense clone? Why not just to South Park Tetris with South Park tiles if you are going to put the least amount of effort into this?
Sounds about as exciting as a South Park Checkers game.

darthv724390d ago

Cartman voice: "king me b!tch!"

Gamer_Politics4390d ago buy them for keeps

-MD-4390d ago

Read the fuc*ing article.

36T4390d ago

Good job Socomer! You must make your family proud.

Twisted tony4390d ago

Cool! I can get games without leaving my couch

Chris3994390d ago (Edited 4390d ago )

I kid, I kid! :)

That aside, it would be cool if they could somehow link our live ID to games already in our collection - physical discs - so that we could just play them off the HD at whim as well. I already have pretty much everything on my "play roster" installed, so it would be nice to just flick through my library without disc-swapping.

phosphor1124389d ago

I wouldn't be able to do it. Power to them (MS) for having it though I can barely load up HQ youtube videos. Awesome, right? *sigh*. I really hope with this whole new initiative, they will stop being greedy bastards and charging 150 for a 120 HDD..which i still think is complete bs, why support DD if your costs are ridiculous?...*sigh..again*

TheBand1t4390d ago

I was expecting the N64 Southpark game.

I leave disappointed.

talltony4390d ago

A action strategy southpark game? Does not sound as interesting anymore. I am not sure if I want to buy this now.

ThanatosDMC4390d ago

Cow Launcher, if anyone knows what im talking about. That's the ultimate weapon in Southpark. Yeah, PS1 game... back in the old days.

RockmanII74390d ago

F that, I have a tower defense game on my iPod that I got for free. So unless this game is free, it isn't worth my time to even get the trial version.

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The story is too old to be commented.