GamesAreEvil: Dawn of Discovery Review

GamesAreEvil writes_ "Some might say that this is RTS-lite, that it's too simple. I say yes, and then I say so what? I was engaged from the start to the finish of the single player campaign, relaxed and enjoying the gentle progress. There were a few moments when the advisers' advice was a bit too vague, but eventually I got it figured out and my experience was most pleasant. I found myself thinking about the game, the story, and the mechanics even when not playing the game, which generally denotes a good game to me. My almost-9 year old daughter was able to pick up the controller and copy and paste buildings with aplomb, learning perhaps a little about the 1400's in an abstract sense as well as how to manage resources, taxes and planning communities. This is a definite must play if you've a household with bright kids or adults with a good sense of fun. It's a game you can play together, as well as one they can play on without you. If you're a gun-toting dyed-in-the-wool FPS fan with delusions, err, visions of subsistence and freedom fighting, you may want to rent this one first before dropping $30. Of course, my recommendation is that you buy it and have a little fun that doesn't include blowing people up. Just sayin".

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