Why the Wii MotionPlus Likely Led to Star Fox, Icarus, and Zelda Delays

Gamervision senior writer Coop claims that the reason why we aren't playing Star Fox, Kid Icarus or Zelda right now is because of the Wiimotion Plus, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

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Shooter_McGavin4385d ago

Makes sense. If they knew better control technology was coming out why wouldn't they wait?

SpoonyRedMage4385d ago

Well it's likely in the case of Zelda as Miyamoto said he wants to fully implement it in the proper Zelda Wii.

Star Fox and Kid Icarus might not even have been planned at all.

EvilTwin4385d ago

True. Even though Motion+ was just released, it was introduced at E3 '08. To even get to the announcement last year, it had to be in development for a little while.

If the folks developing LoZ knew this was in the pipeline (but not close to finished form), why bother releasing another Zelda that would have had controlled pretty much like Twilight Princess?

This explains why only concept art was shown at this year's E3, instead of a full-blown trailer. It might take another two years to get the title out. Big N doesn't rush Link.

N4g_null4384d ago

Seriously any one complaining about delaying any of those games is foolish or just a fanboy of another console.

IF these games where coming and will use motion+ it will transform them into what we wanted from the beginning. I will be getting the next zelda just because of that!

Also star fox needs to go back to the ideas in the snes version period. It is very lame right now.

Any one complaining right now is a little silly. Also have you guys noticed that the so called zelda fans are mostly HD gamers?

On top of this it just seems like another rant to say some thing bad about the Wii it seems. HD gamers wait on avg 3 to 4 years to get games that are hyped and most of these games are not even announced to be in development.

PS360WII4385d ago

Well if Motion Plus was the reason or not I'd like to have a new Star Fox game :)

Shnazzyone4385d ago

OOoo New star fox with motion +... sounds like a worthwhile wait for some top rate titles. Wonder if galaxy 2 will have any motion + goodness.

Gen0ne4384d ago

But I'm more interested if they introduce online co-op. If they do that, aww man. Too good to be true. I want all three of these games yesterday anyway. So whenever they come, it isn't soon enough.

tmt3454384d ago

...Is what I thought it said, sigh!

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