AtomicGamer: Fallout 3: Point Lookout Review

AtomicGamer writes: "For most gamers, mods don't play much into their style and the bugs still left in Fallout 3 aren't really killing the experience. If you haven't experienced a problem yet, then you won't with Point Lookout either. What you will get is a solid story that delivers several hours of interesting dialogue and familiar FO3 action - but make sure to explore a little to dig up the rest of what this add-on has to offer. Point Lookout isn't going to change the way Fallout 3 is played, but it's a welcome trip outside Bethesda's comfort zone and we look forward to further expansion of the scope of the Fallout experience. And if you guys at Bethesda don't mind, we PC gamers would also like to see a patch that actually addresses some issues as well!"

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Xof4386d ago

"the bugs still left in Fallout 3 aren't really killing the experience."

Yeah, I'm have a grand time playing Fallout 3. Well, for the 20-50 minutes at a time I have before the game crashes on me.

Rather than pump out DLC, I'd much rather Bethesda patched their game so it, ya' know, actually WORKED. But I guess making good, functional games is too much to ask for these days. Especially from them.