Rolando 2: Quest for the Golden Orchid - ZTGD Review

Cat writes: "Anyone with eyes can see that Rolando shares a special something with That Other Game. This time around, Rolando 2 works hard to earn its own title instead of just "LocoRoco on the iPhone". In the new, scene-stealing, Quest for the Golden Orchid you return to Rolandoland flush from victory in far-off places only to find the sages taken deathly ill with Kilogorean flu. The only cure is the golden orchid, and so you turn that ship right back around and make haste for an island where Rolando 2 brings all the things that made the first game great, and even throws in a few extras."

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PS360WII4388d ago

Ah yes the music is pretty nice and I usually don't even go for the time challenge >< Fun game and yes I don't doubt they'll give us updates with new levels as they did that a few times for the 1st game.

The game does have a certain charm to it doesn't it :)

Cat4388d ago

Yes, the Time Challenge is the last thing I go after!

I've gotten a kick out of Mr. Scruff since his Fish days ( ). Like Rolando he just has...spunk? I dunno, I revel in the quirk.