Sony Considered an Additional Analog Nub for PSP Go

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"During Sony's Press Conference, Kaz Harai, President of Sony Computer Entertainment noted that the PSP go was a result of feedback from developers and gamers alike. With so many fans clamoring for an additional analog nub, how could the feature be omitted?"

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DJ4392d ago

Aw well, here's to hoping for 2 sticks in PSP 2. =]

ps3gamerkyle4392d ago

Yeah, they would cut their market in half. Good decision.

But I'm sure they'll have two sticks for their PSP2.

heroicjanitor4392d ago

I didn't know the analog nub was about solidarity... Black Powa!!!

yippie1234y4392d ago

"divert their efforts"? what a cop out.

im sure developers would appreciate 2 sticks when their shooter games start making them more $$$

Saigon4392d ago

this should have been considered since the beginning...

ps3gamerkyle4392d ago

In a way, I kind of agree with you. People would enjoy games that utilize two sticks, and in turn, more sales. More sales make developers happy. Happy developers = better games.

STK0264392d ago

but, weren't analog sticks added to the PS1 controller after it's initial launch?

I mean, I understand Sony doesn'T want to do a "SEGA" and release games that will only be playable on one variation of their platform, but adding some controller options wouldn't be a first.

Marceles4392d ago (Edited 4392d ago )

I thought of that STK, but buying another $30 to $40 Dual Shock controller compared to a new $250 system for an extra analog is a bit much. It would be nice to at least include the same Resistance Retribution feature with using the controller though.

Gamertags4392d ago

but it makes sense why they didn't. More than anything it is a design flaw that will be fixed with the next PSP.

a_squirrel4392d ago

Why the hell did someone disagree with 1?

oh well,
When the PSP 2 comes out, it'll have everything a dualshock has.
R2 and a L1
I kinda doubt sixaxis though...

D4RkNIKON4392d ago

It wouldn't cut the market in half if the second analog stick simply button mapped the Triangle, Square, Circle and X buttons. That way FPS games would feel better on the new PSP but still be playable on the older ones. That use of the second analog stick would have sold more units right there. Giving the fans what they want at the same time as keeping the older models playable with the entire game library. Give me a reason why that would be a bad idea.

darthv724392d ago (Edited 4392d ago )

isnt there an aftermarket snap on type of thing to make the right side face buttons into more of a stick type? I do recall some guy made a lil usb plug in that snapped onto the side (not over the buttons) of his psp and gave him a second stick.

I can't remember.

D4RkNIKON4392d ago

This would solve every ones problem with the lack of second analog stick and without dividing the PSP scene!

I_am_rushin4392d ago

People PEOPLE! The PSP GO has bluetooth that lets it sync with the DS3 meaning that if developers want they can add a dual analog control scheme.

enviable274392d ago

That would defeat the purpose of it being a portable system no?

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DoucheVader4392d ago

I want 6 analog nubs on PSP2! With a button that just says Awesome.

Arkham4392d ago

"The *solidarity* analog nub on the PlayStation Portable..."

You meant "solitary", right? Or where you making a wry comment on Sony's steadfastness?

XxBarretxX4392d ago

with one stick people can do it it's just up to the developer to not suck. Lately I barely have any problems with the nub so i'm fine with one nub.

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