Wii gun controller available now

Piranha Accessories, a third-party games peripheral manufacturer, has launched the first gun accessory for Wii.

The first gun expansion controller shown for Wii was Nintendo's own which looked more like a shotgun. Nintendo has said nothing about it since.

But Piranha Accessories isn't holding back for Nintendo, and has made the first move by releasing its own gun expansion. The W14 Gun (pictured below and on Piranha's website, works in a similar way to Nintendo's zapper - you clip the Wii Remote into the front of it so that the Remote's sensor is aimed at the screen.

Although there are no price or availability details on Piranha's site, The gun is said to be available now for ?19.99 (around ?£14), if you can find it, that is. This could be an option for Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles.

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ITR4290d ago

I think I might wait for the Nintendo ver. first.

scarlett_rg4290d ago


This will make "training" on FPSs even that much more realistic!

Watch out Jack Thompson!

zantetsuken4289d ago

A pointless accessory... Where's the shooter games? Where's duckhunt, dammit? Why reelase something no one can use except on the lame ass wii play.

ChickeyCantor4289d ago

if you ever wonder why you have 3 bubbles its because of this :)

Mushu4264289d ago

1st. please tell me where you and your clan of idiots came up with an idea like “making one accessory that works on all consoles” sound like a good idea. Have you EVER EVEN played a video game? What you are saying is like xbox making a controller that works for sony ps & wii THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN, they call it competition for a reason.
2nd. The wii has plenty shooters to use this accessory.
3rd. You're an idiot!!!
4th. This light gun thing is only being made because a lot of people are asking for it but they aren't thinking clearly. For most FPS on the wii this light gun is more of a hassle than anything else. Just think about the controls for Red Steel or Farcry or metal of honor or call of duty for the wii. It won't work 'cause there are buttons used often in gameplay making it impossible to play smoothly, it will be very cumbersome. Most of us would go back to just the wiimote which personally is perfect as is for FPS. Its the same reason nintendo is making a keyboard, lots of people are asking for it but in this case its actually useful evevn though I don't mind typing these comments on my wii. I'm pretty good at it!

sumfood4u4289d ago