Unix: The Next Games Console?

One feature of the credit crunch is that it has forced developers to look at free software. The unforeseen consequence of this has meant that porting games across to Unix systems, such as Linux, is now so cheap that it could threaten the market share of the existing major consoles.

To this end, the UK Unix Users Group has just announced that erstwhile game developer and open source advocate, Steven Goodwin, will be speaking at their summer conference. His talk, entitled "The Dichotomy of Open Source and Computer Games", will demo the use of open source in games, and break down some of the stereotypes commonly associated with companies and corporations when it comes to open source software in general. "I hope this will show that Unix systems are a viable platform for game development", he says.
"This is a rare opportunity to bridge the gap between these two distinct disciplines", said Niall Mansfield, organizer, UKUUG Summer Conference. "We're seeing Unix spread its influence into so many fields, that having games is an unexpected coup!"

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