God of War PSP - first screens

The first screenshots of God of War, Chains of Olympus for the PSP have finally emerged on the internet. Scroll down to story images to view the screens.

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nix4196d ago

i don't remember fighting wolves while falling down a tunnel even in GOW or GOW2!

new game... new story?

decapitator4196d ago

The devs never said it was a port. However regardless of how new the story is, it will intertwine with the ps2 version.

Juevani4196d ago

the game looks actually good to be a handheld game, i thinks its the best game graphic wise to hit the psp..

Sashy4196d ago

God of war will never stop suprising :o

CrazzyMan4196d ago

more good new games =)

SH:O, FF7:CC, MGSPO, GoW - looks like it`s time to buy psp when all these games will be available on psp.
not to mention some games like (anticipated games dmc, gt in some future).

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