Rage: better quality screens from Gameinformer

Rage, id Software's new franchise, is covered in this month's issue of Gameinformer. The screens in the article are now available in a better quality version.

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villevalorox3999d ago

looks like a great game. but lol these are just cropped from the other post. not better quality lol. well i dnt see it? But yeah this will be a game to look out for :P

Megan Fox3999d ago

Those scans look pretty nice. Does anyone know if the are from the consoles or PC?

phosphor1123998d ago

Overall great issue. Anyway, its probably PC screens. They always show the lead platform... the PC...

DSco43999d ago

Woah, I'm so hooked for this game

QuantumWake3999d ago

Rage is looking awesome! I just hope id shows more gameplay. I havent seen any actual gameplay of RAGE, only trailers.

CRAIG6673999d ago

This looks to have HUGE potential! fingers crossed!

3999d ago
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