10 of the most awful character designs of all time

Games Radar is at it again, this time they have a top ten list. The top ten most awfully disigned characters. This list doesn't seem to be as spot on as some of their more recent post but it's still a good read.

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Bebedora4198d ago

...I feel Bebedora in Arc the Lad: Twillight of the Spirits is one of the greatest ever. So great in so many levels.

Diselage4198d ago

I don't think this list is as good as some of the others they've put together as of late.

Quicksilva4198d ago

I want to play that Socky game!!!!!

lilwingman4198d ago

I actually liked Glover :P

freeza4198d ago

i still want to play Kya from Kya: Dark Lineage.

they should put conker on that list

id dot entity4198d ago

What's wrong with Conker? I Love that bastard.

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