NCAA Football 10 (PS2): "Only Thing Changed Was the Year Number" - PSInsider Review

From PSI:

"NCAA Football 10 on the Playstation 2 is the same game as last year to be honest. There is a $40 MSRP price tag slapped on this game which I think could have been a lot cheaper and maybe even price it at $19.99 is the least EA could have done to show how they are sill supporting PS2 gamers."

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Blaze9294385d ago

It sucks, EA basically stops supporting the PS2 version leaving out hella features...yet still has the audacity to charge $39.99 for this title. GTFO

JasonXE4385d ago

well its EA, can we really say we're surprised?

Forbidden_Darkness4385d ago

and yet people will still buy it...

RockmanII74385d ago

If you wont spend $200 for a current system, why would you spend $40 for a game?

Knightrid8084385d ago

That comment opened up a lot of possibilities. But I won't go there.

Relientk774385d ago

I hope people still dont buy PS2 games at launch.. u wait like a month and the price goes down to $20 anyway

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