Improve Trophy Sync. Speed

We all know the problem. While your trophy list grows and as more games you install, the synchronize process of the trophies becomes slower and slower. Now I found a simple solution to fix this problem and speed it up.

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snaz274441d ago

for some reason when i turn the ps3 on holding down the ps button i dont get the 2 beeps, ive heled it down for ages, and diti just stays on he usr sellect screen... maybe im just too impatient i dont know but anyway i cant get it to work lol.

villevalorox4441d ago (Edited 4441d ago )

you dont hold down the ps button. You hold down the power button on the front untill you hear 2 beeps. not the ps button :)

although this must be a new screen with a resent firmware. Because I have done this many times when going back to the ps3 os form linux and all it does is reset the system settings. . . I'm not at home to try this :( ...

snaz274441d ago

thanks dude i guess i didnt read it properly, in my defence i have just woken up lmao... ill give it a go now, tho i doubt its gonna make that much difference... i dont think its that slow anyway, anyway thanks again

snaz274441d ago

i turned the system off, then held down the power button, i heard a beep, then the next beep was the ps3 turning off lmao, and i tried letting go after the first beep, it just reset the input, ie put it back to composit, and then told me a hdmi cable was found... god knows what im doing wrong lol

FamilyGuy4441d ago (Edited 4441d ago )

There was a comparison article like last week or the week before comparing live and psn and they had trophy sync at like 27 or 37 seconds, in-game. I get no where near that amount of time, more like 8 to 13 seconds. What are you guys doing different?

That menu is news to me though, i guess it's been a while since i've had to force my ps3 to its default settings, which is where this menu now pops up.

I should do this to see if it will fix my text pad in the web browser. It used to have a bar on top that showed what you were typing but it disappeared one day (no where near a firmware update) and now i have to see it only on the actual sites text box.

snaz274441d ago (Edited 4441d ago )

im not doing it cos i feel the trophies are slow, im trying it just cos im curious really lol... i cant say ive sat down and timed how long it takes, aslong as its not hours its all good aint it? i cant say i do it that much really anyway lmao.

edit.. dont get me wrong i am abit of a trophy whore im currently at 545 trophies lol, but i just rarely check what my friends have, and as the the text box dissapearing i think that happened to me once, tho im not sure how i got it back... maybe if you restore factory settings that would do the trick?

FamilyGuy4441d ago

I never really checked trophies before until i got inFamous and then BlazBlue. i just like to check once in a while to see how far along i am compared to my friends that have those same games.

Ahmay4440d ago

i think you "sink with server" hit triangle on "trophy collection"

when i switched my 40gig hdd to 320, i watched a video on youtube that said you had to sink with server before changing it in order for your trophies to transfer over to your new hdd. once you change it you go back and retrieve it...

so i think updating your trophies to the server may speed it up...

when you have ur ps3 set up for hdmi connection with hdmi cable.. holding on that power button would resset ur settings to sd automatically. in other words if u switch the hdmi cable to the av cables, then that would be the way to get the display up if you didn't change it a head of time.

Marceles4440d ago

Wait until you get 1600 trophies lol...but I'll admit, the speed has improved from how it was before. Before it wouldn't let you exit until everyone's trophies loaded, but now you can and everything comes up alot faster than before.

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TheTruth894441d ago

the problem is just for this gay.
my ps3 is always at the same speed for sync the trophies.

The_Beast4441d ago (Edited 4441d ago )

can i play games online with ease? yes
can i chat with friends and clan members? yes
do i get dedicated servers for most exclusives? yes
*messages, cross game text chat? yes*
do i have to pay?no
do i get ads? no

thats all i relly need and im fine with it and im sure most are :/ and i dont even use cross game text chat and i dont see my self using cross game voice chat.i dont see myslef talking to diff people on other games :/ most people i talk to is when were playing games like cod4, or killzone 2... so we can talk about the game and some other stuff. if i wanted to talk to someone about somthing else.. its called texting or calling, im sure most of you have cell phones out there. or just send a message on ps3 :/

idk why people make it sound like sound like xblive is 100X better. its just becouse you pay for it does not make it better, people need to get over it

i play live over my cousins and i just dont see whats the big deal.
so if we were to get cross game invite and cross game voice chat were even?.....

but i guess people will keep saying its better becouse they payed for it when in fact they know the truth


Mindboggle4440d ago

Hmm i dont feel safe doing this, so im not...

Model4440d ago

what do you care sad bot ? i doubt you have even seen ps3 in your life

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kiikoooo4441d ago

the problem with trophies is that its really annoying to access. u have to click the ps home, then navigate to game, then trophies.. its annoying for me.

BaSeBaLlKiD7214440d ago

what do you mean to access? if you mean to look at them, you could just easily go to the trophy collection on the XMB...

1Victor4440d ago (Edited 4440d ago )

DON'T DO THAT UNLESS YOU WANT YOUR HDD REFORMATTED plus it would take several hours after witch all of your messages , videos and save data will be gone :O .

CrayzeeCarl4440d ago

Rebuilding does not erase everything. It sometimes erases PSN messages and screws up music/video/photo *playlists*, but it does not delete any music/video/photo/save *files*.

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