MGS inspired t-shirt makes evey fan happy

As you may have already heard, MGS:TUS and Fangamer created probably the most unique piece of gaming merchandise - the "Les Enfant Terribles" t-shirt.

The unique created logo on the front is a symbol of the project, which started most of the events in the Metal Gear Solid games storyline - the cloning of Solid Snake, Liquid Snake and Solidus.

Look closely to find the little details.

The t-shirt also comes with special MGS inspired dog tag, exclamation mark sticker and packed in very MGSish cardboard box for your hamster to hide in.

Worth checking out for every MGS fan!

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mrv3214991d ago

Have you ever wanted the ability to drive every attractive girl away from you then buy this t-shirt and explain why and what game it's from!

jessehaysfl4991d ago

I bought one, but I'm married.

Ahmad-4991d ago

These shirts are one of the only shirts that hardly resemble a video game.. they look like normal clothing to me

C_SoL4991d ago

and yellow shirt looks pretty tight. I would wear one. How would a girl even know what it's supposed to mean. Just say it was given to you, even though you yourself really knows the meaning of it.

thePatriot4991d ago

save money for all the games comming up... agh... this is hard....

sam22364991d ago

What's a t-shirt got to do with the PS3? I'm sorry, but this is stupid. Yeah, it's MGS-related, but that doesn't change the fact that it's just a t-shirt.

How the hell did this get apporved?

jessehaysfl4991d ago

its a T shirt, a badass set of dogtags and a "!" sticker....

sam22364991d ago (Edited 4991d ago )

I do agree that they're badass (I want a t-shirt!), but so what? This isn't a clothing website, it's a gaming website. This has nothing got to do with games, consoles, developers, etc.

What would you do if those Halo drinks came out again and an artical was posted up about them? Or a pizza that has Nate Drake's face on it? Or a plug that looks like Cole from InFamous?

You see? It's stupid and shouldn't be on here.

jessehaysfl4990d ago

This has nothing got to do with games, consoles, developers, etc.
You see? It's stupid


RockmanII74991d ago

Cool shirt. Might look into it.

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