Assassin's Creed: Ubisoft breaks the silence

After a cold and quite few months everyone's favourite French publisher Ubisoft has decided to break the silence on its Prince of Persia-meets-Hitman adventure Assassins' Creed.

The chatter comes in the latest issue of Xbox World 360 magazine which you can find on the shelves today.

"I think it's safe to say that the Crusades are an area we've wanted to explore for a long time, but we've been waiting for technology to reach a point where we can do it justice," he says.

"We contacted a historian early in the conception phase of development to help us build a foundation of research. We have used the web, documentaries, old medieval encyclopaedias, paintings and novels. The historian helped us with some harder to find information such as original city plans of Jerusalem, Damascus and Acre that date back to the 3rd crusade."

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peksi4192d ago

To "Wait for the technologies to reach the point..." in terms of consoles? Wait for Xbox 720 and PS4? :D Smells like excuses to me. Or perhaps they meant just PCs with that comment.

TheXgamerLive4192d ago

The Xbox and ps2 didn't have the capabilities to play the game the way it deserved (in there minds) to be played, but now with next gen. systems and next gen.power, we do have it readily available.

HuntingYou4191d ago

I wana play all these games now. we better see some of these "amazing" before xmas, other wise ill be pissed

nix4192d ago

i'm gonna get the ps3 version when it comes out... (:

InMyOpinion4192d ago

The lesser version you mean? j/k

Saint Sony4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

Definitely going to get this. Sweet to know that Jerusalem and other cities are at least partially based on to authentic town plans, so we're gona see them kinda like "how they used to be". There's a bit too many good games coming up :)

THAMMER14192d ago

I wonder what type of achievements they will offer.

Saint Sony4192d ago

Prolly several, body count 100 etc..hehe. At least all the main targets gives one for sure.

Achievements are always a nice extra for any game.

Keyser4192d ago

I'm one of many who have been waiting on this game since it was first announced solely for the PS3. This game takes a new spin on stealth and strategy. This will be an easy purchase for me.

TheXgamerLive4192d ago

was to be an Xbox 360 exclusive even before it was a ps3 exclusive. Funny how name changes and time does change things.

Anyone remember the name of this game before it was A.C.?

TheXgamerLive4191d ago

Why do people click disagree for something that was fact? I wasn't sony bashing fools, I was just stating a fact, that's all.

Calm down.

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The story is too old to be commented.