Microsoft names internal Halo label?

The intermittent efforts of the proprietor of Superannutation to sift through the slurry of often-unreliable information on the Internet has yielded another data diamond. The blog has posted a link to a July 17 US Patent and Trademark Office filing by Microsoft for the term "343 Industries" for use with "computer programs, namely, game software for use on computers and video." Other than Microsoft's address and attorney of record, no other information was given.

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dktxx24387d ago

Three halo projects is enough MS. You've done a good job of not milking the series, now lay off for a bit.

Bnet3434387d ago

Keep crying. The only people that don't want Halo games are the haters.

Tony P4387d ago

I'm getting nothing but a blank Gamespot page from the link.

Blaze9294387d ago

Exactly, really the only people who dont want Halo games are the haters who probably more than likely, don't even own a 360. More Halo games is always fantastic news to the Halo fans and Halo fans are freakin serious. When you can name another game franchise that can make millions of people go out and buy a system just for one game and only continue to play that one game years later, contact me.

dktxx24387d ago

don't hate halo. I'm just seeing more and more that MS is taking away bungie's control of the series and sooner or later its going to bite them in the ass.

remember crash bandicoot?

kaveti66164386d ago

That's not entirely true. I only own an Xbox 360 and I really want Microsoft to not focus so much on Halo. I'm glad they are making Halo Reach with good graphics and all but other than that I want Microsoft to use whatever tech they have been cooking up for new IPs or sequels to games that haven't been made in a while, like Perfect Dark. Microsoft will continue to make Halo games because they continue to sell well, but that doesn't mean that veteran players will continue to like Halo if it keeps getting milked. I want some fresh IPs from MS.

Look what Sony did. Naughty Dog could have just made another Jak & Daxter but instead they came up with a whole new IP, Uncharted. Obviously the people who love Jak & Daxter would love to see a sequel, but most Sony fans are proud that new IPs are getting made for the console that they shelled out a ton of money for. I paid close to 500 bucks for my 360 and Halo and a battery charger. I am expecting some new IPs with critical acclaim, not constant reiterations of Halo.

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Cajun Chicken4387d ago

A spark of guilt...perhaps?

trancefreak4387d ago

this is one hell of a franchise to be reckoned with. I'm really looking forward to odst and reach. cant wait.

KionicWarlord2224387d ago

Halo odst best feature so far is...firefight.

Halo reach ...A very epic mysterious game

Once Upon a Fable4387d ago (Edited 4387d ago )

I thought I remembered you being a big Sony fan from a while back...

GiantEnemyCrab4387d ago

"343 Industries"

I dunno but that brought back memories of 989 Sports.. I miss them.

dirthurts4387d ago

Twisted Metal.

I miss Twisted Metal.

likedamaster4387d ago

It was fun while it lasted. Maybe if they reinvent the series, make it a little more hardcore with options of maybe getting out of the vehicle and duking it out 1v1 with guns or something, then I might consider it.

RockmanII74386d ago

Hopefully this company is able to continue the brilliance that is Halo.

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