Judge PlayStation 3 in two years' time, says EA Boss Gerhard Florin

Price won't hold back sales for first 12 months - Florin

Electronic Arts' boss Gerhard Florin has told that the true effect of the PlayStation 3's controversial price point will only become apparent two years' after release.

While early critics are suggesting the console's luxury price is hampering sales, EA's executive VP of international publishing doesn't believe the GBP 425 price tag will hold back sales in the first twelve months.

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decapitator4194d ago

“Shooters like Medal of Honor, Black, we will clearly concentrate on PlayStation 3 because we need Cell processor power.” greats news for playstation 3 owners.

QuackPot4194d ago (Edited 4194d ago )

I would have waited five years not 2 before passing judgement. But it'll do.

Home, Little Big Planet, MGS, FF, Killzone 2, Warhawk, Getaway, 8 Days, H&C etc would have been released and a large library built up; PSN would have matured to at least equal XBL; dual shock would have returned and obviously the price would have dropped. Last but not least, Ps2 would have finally reached the end of its useful lifespan so the owners will now have a good reason to buy a Ps3.

So let's see if the xbot fanboys listen to an expert or just go on their usual ignorant, biased rant and rave. I mean, the next time I hear the endless whinging about the price or what games ps does or doesn't have, I'm going to strangle someone. Seriously. I'll do it. lol.

[ JC quote removed to appease the overly sensitive ]

See fanboy comments below....

THAMMER14194d ago (Edited 4194d ago )

But none of the points you bring up in your post are points he made in the article. Your points are your opinion and things we are looking at today and still not moving enough for most people to spend $600.00.

I've said it hundreds of times. I could go buy a PS3 right now *I'm mean right now. There is an EB, Target, Toys R Us, Wall Mart, Games stop, Game Crazy, and a pawn shop all with in 2 miles of my home with PS3's on the shelf. Nothing other than the fact that it is the new PS3 makes me want to buy it, and that is all emotion because I actually like Sony as a company. I have not bought it yet because it is not the best solution for home entertainment yet.

Maybe in 2 years some thing will change my opinion but there really is nothing in the window right now.

For give them father!? !!What Blasphemy!!

THAMMER14194d ago

O.K. 2 more years for HD TV to penetrate the market? OR for a PS3 price drop? Or they have invested in some expensive development for PS3 games that will release in the next 2 years and they would like to see a larger user base to cement the investors and share holders a profit? I say all of the above.

shikwan4194d ago

2 years is like half a gen in the video game world. If a game comes out with 'two year old' graphics, people would hate it!

Perhaps Sony should've waited 2 more years before releasing the PS3?? I mean, it's not like sales are faultering on the PS2 yet.

Babylonian4194d ago

2 year old graphics??? What kind of caca poop comment is this.

consolewar4194d ago

how about I give them $300 now and the other half when they can actually deliver. How's that?
Sounds fair to me.

Wait Beyond

Babylonian4193d ago

how about you go take hike.

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The story is too old to be commented.