Game Vortex: 9th Company: Roots of Terror: The Root of It All (Preview)

Game Vortex writes: "In December, 1988, a company consisting of 45 Russian troops held a hilltop against an estimated 400 Mujahideen and Pakistani mercenaries for two days. Six men were killed and 28 wounded by the time hostilities ceased. Now, Strategy First is recreating this epic battle and the events leading up to it in the upcoming Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game 9th Company: Roots of Terror."

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mrv3214394d ago

The movie based around the same company is a wonderful example of creating a engrossing character.

I have yet to find a film to match what 9 company did emotionally.

The game looks interesting but I am a FPS, TPS, Racer so I doubt I'll buy it.