Dev: "Tony Hawk RIDE is a better workout than Wii Fit"

OXM UK: The developer for Tony Hawk RIDE, Robomodo, has tested the heart rates of people playing the game and found that they were getting a stronger workout than on dedicated sports game Wii Fit.

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koehler834395d ago

That's a good way to not sell your game to the audience you're designing it for.

Major_Tom4395d ago

Yeah it also costs way more.

N4GAddict4395d ago

It won't sell as well as Wii Fit, to say the least.

mrv3214395d ago

Activision one day you'll come back to sensibility there's only one reason for the board is to stop piracy. It does not add much, the same way I don't need a mock plane to fly in 1943 or steering wheel to drive in Motorstorm or a gun to shoot in Battlefield.

You are charging too much and mis using the word platform... like your GH I believe we'll see a tony hawk ride sequel pretty soon.

BBCnewsrocks4395d ago

simple, go find a bowl and just stand on the board. not much exercise needed.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida4395d ago

The new Tony Hawk game is overpriced just like the 360.The 360 is not worth 200$,its worth 20 cents

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