GT Planet: Gran Turismo 5 Latest Updates - Producer Kazunori Yamauchi Interview

GT Planet has an interview with Kazunori Yamauchi about Gran Turismo 5.

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TheColbertinator4395d ago

The NASCAR implementation is tricky but I do think its looking amazing at this stage.NASCAR is a huge license and to see it on the same game with Rally is difficult to believe.Hopefully GT5 is as bold and revolutionary as everyone is hoping.

Greywulf4395d ago

Its kind of annoying that every interview is clearly from E3, where he stated many times hes not talking about GT5 at e3, just the crappy portable game that I didn't shell out 600 dollars for a PS3 for. You know, that one?

I'm passed the point of looking forward to GT5, im sure it will be great once it finally shows up, but PD is serious as hell about the media blackout. I mean even in the year 2000+ Everything, and i mean EVERYTHIGN is leaked via TMZ or some random poster on a forum. I am shocked that not 1 single feature has leaked from the halls of PD. KY knows driving, and knows what we have all wanted because hes a car enthusiast as well.

The only things im really gunning for is having racing style time penalties for cutting tracks/cheating & a spectate mode for online. Would be nice to just watch people race until you're ready to hop in yourself. Like with a POV from the stands. Everything else im sure is covered.

Cwalat4395d ago

Nothing new from this interview.
Europe is waiting PD... Europe is waiting.


GT5 Prologue:

US - 0,67 million
JP - 0,56 million
EU - 1,7 million <<

techie4395d ago

But then look at how many European's bought GT4 Prologue and then how many bought GT4 itself:

GT4 Prologue: 410,000
GT4: 6.3 million

That's 15 times more...meaning that if 2.1 million Europeans bought GT5P..then GT5 itself will sell.......32 million copies LOL


Maddens Raiders4395d ago (Edited 4395d ago )

It really is amazing that nothing has leaked out about GT5 yet, but that's goes to show what happens when your production team works as one entity and are dedicated more to Ultra-High-Quality and production values, rather than a quick Chinese-owned American dollar.

Kaz: "We're not very familiar with NASCAR, here in Japan.."

That's ok Kaz. All you have to know is that NASCAR fans don't give a shyt about you or Japan and have no desire to learn anything else outside of the circular nature of NASCAR driving.
With that said, you're going waaaaaayyyy out of your way here for a demographic that goes goo-goo ga-ga over stuffed deer and boars, rather than LeMans ready Mercedes and Audis. Throw in any random racial slurs to complete the NASCAR tour and the obligatory, "Git 'er done!" Oh yeah, and NASCAR fans don't own hi-tech, like PS3's.....?

In the end, I'm not mad at you Kaz, take as long as you like - I will be waiting to spend all my cash on your game and dlc. After all, your only competition is actuality.

Strikepackage Bravo4395d ago

I don't even like nascar and I still found your comment offenseive. You just take a whole group of people and lump them into this broad category.

Thats like CNN or FOX news with a story about how ALL gamers are fowl mouth kids who live in their parents basements and shout racism while online gaming in Halo. You see how stupid that sounds, half the people on this site don't even have a 360, and if they did they would skip Halo because they feel it's over rated. Your as ignorant as those who lump gamers all into a stereotype.

Wow why can't people just STFU about other groups of people that they don't even know. Who the F are you to speak for all Nascar fans.

Maddens Raiders4395d ago

LOL .. dude, because I'm from Texas (did you watch the video?) and have been to NASCAR races and have heard and seen in action how this group of "fine citizens" behave on a VERY consistent basis (like all my life - lol). So, take off your naive and politically correct goggles, grow some thicker skin and GET REAL. I am.

El Botto4395d ago

GT5 will be PERFECT.

It will not be a yearly edition with cosmetic updates like its rival on the 360. GT series will not be turned into NFL, FIFA or NBA series.

GT series is the leading racing sim. When some PD staff tried the rival game at E3, they knew immediately that the game was all hype and no substance. PD aint afraid at all. GT5 is the king.

Strikepackage Bravo4395d ago

plenty of people who love nascar that don't act like that, I know at least 3 white collar business guys who like Nascar and they don't fit your stereotype. Maybe its just you Texans, maybe your all savages. (sarcasm)

El Botto4395d ago

And as such, GT5 will most likely be fully revealed only at TGS.

Although if it does come out this year, then I would think they would have to make a showing at this years "Leipzig" or whatever its called nowadays.

Maddens Raiders4395d ago (Edited 4395d ago )

I know there are some other type of people (white collar) who like NASCAR too, but those people are way, way, waaaay in the minority dude. Most are like I deftly outlined above.

And yes, you are correct there are a ((LOT)) of savages here in Texas


Syronicus4395d ago

Need to remember that when NASCAR was showing signs of slowing down, they began allowing BYOB and BOOM! NASCAR was super popular! Any race circuit that encourages you to bring your own booz has got my vote. PERIOD.

swiftshot934395d ago

WOW @ WRC and Rally, god they look so good, cant wait. I think its gonna be amazing.

And yes, NASCAR is sh1t, I'd rather PD dedicate that time and resources used for NASCAR on something else.

BenCrazy4244395d ago

nascar is not a redneck sport or an unpopular sport!

Anyways, I hope they update the drivers stats and their cars after every year so anybody is not stuck with old cars after playing the game after a couple years.

badz1494394d ago know...more target audiences this time around. I was never a fan of GT and only have played the one that they released after GT3 and then a little of GT4 prologue! I was never a fan of real driving game! but after GT HD, (yet to try GT5 Prologue) I am looking forward to GT5! plus, I'm a huge rally game fan and WRC is included! that's a +++ for me! I am just curious of how realistic the damage will be since damage plays a big role in rally by I have faith in PD! I think, I'll get both GT PSP and GT5 and will save some money for the G25 racing wheel! that one is so damn expensive but it sure looks awesome! please make this one this year's release, PD and millions will be happy!!

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brain_ape4395d ago

Funny interview. It's amazing how diverse Sony's lineup is.

cmrbe4395d ago

Do wonder to what extent PD is going to implement damage. I know that I am a minority but never wanted damage in GT, not yet anyway. If they introduce fake and unrealistic damage like all game devs have implement in racing games sofar it will hurt GTs reputation in the car industy.

KY always said that if they were to introduce car damage they will do it well. As powerful as the cell is I really do doubt that it can simulate realistic car damage. If damage is introduced it should be for an arcade mode only for video gamers that have been crying for arcade/fake car damage like in Froza, grid and MS. Leave real physics car damage simulation for the PS4 when it has enough processing power to do so. Last thing PD needs is for GT to be branded with other game for fake/urealistic car damage simulation.

Unicron4395d ago

It's about balance. I'm not a fan of the bumper car mentality that you can get away with in some past GT's, but being able to wreck other racers isn't what GT is about either.

It's going to be a tough balancing act, and I'm curious to see how they pull it off.

PirateThom4395d ago

Based on the very, very brief clip we saw in the trailer, I think Polyphony are well aware of how this needs to come out.

They're perfectionists and I saw nothing less than perfection in those brief seconds, from the bonnet lifting and falling, to the bumper coming off the body to the scrapes along the paintwork.

Damage is one of the most requested features thanks to Forza. Forza's damage, though, is as unrealistic as Gran Turismo's lack of damage. 100mph crashes into walls shouldn't knock the bumper off, it should kill the car. I hope that is represented in Gran Turismo's damage, it's more important than how many bits fall off in a very unrealistic fashion.

cmrbe4395d ago

but would the physics be as good as their driving simulation?.

Its really really hard for me to believe that PD is able to pull off realistic car damage modelling something the car industry spends billions in carrying out. Not with one cell processor anyways.

PD never included car damage in GT not because they don't have the techinical capacity but because console are not nearly as powerful enough to carry them out. For physics calculations in realistic car damage modeling you will basically need a super computer to process them. Up to know people are still confused about this. PD could have easily included cosmetic/fake car modeling like grid and Froza since the PS1 era but they don't want fake. Fake is good enough for other video games but not for GT as GT is for professionals as well. GT was never just a video game for video gamers only.

El Botto4395d ago

The caliber one can only find with true next gen gaming.

mastiffchild4395d ago

Well chaps, since Forza3 is already said to be the "definitive" racing sim this gen PD better not waste time on that weather BS! Or night racing-Forza is doing it ALL in the daytime and in sunny weather-which is OBVIOUSLY the definitive Le Mans experience too!

So PD, that's more choices of paint colour and less weather and fewer track conditions and no day/night stuff, K? Why waste time on things which actually change real life racing conditions eh? It's not like either GT or Forza are meant to simulate anyt...oh. Riiiiight.

DaTruth4395d ago

That's like stupid Tiger Woods EA golf, with no rain "NO RAIN"! I played it for a month and realized I hadn't seen it rain! Haven't touched that game since and gave it to my friend.(note 07) No night time or Dusk golfing where the sun gets in your eyes, just noon golfing as if a game of golf could be over in an hour! As if the random out of bounds shot(no matter how straight you hit it), just cause your beating the computer badly, wasn't bad enough.

When you leave out something so important, it completely ruins the whole game!

shadow27974394d ago

Hmmm... I played a Tiger Woods demo a month or two ago and it had rain and a sunset. So obviously they've improved it. Not really relevant, just saying.

I think accurate damage can be done on the PS3, I'm not sure why it couldn't. It just takes a little trickery, like pretty much any other effect in videogames. However, it does take time to do. So are you willing to wait for accurate damage?

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ian724395d ago

This is one game that I am really looking forward to. Roll on release time.

monkey nuts4395d ago (Edited 4395d ago )

'Aargh! Release this masterpiece as soon as possible! Mmm, I smell toast. Quickly! To the kitchen!'

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