Gametrailers: Monty Oum Dead Fantasy IV

The fourth Dead Fantasy has arrived.

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theusedfake4389d ago (Edited 4389d ago )

Definitely my favorite so far. loved it :)

Shiva and Ifrit are awesome

Xandet4389d ago

And seeing Cloud show up out of nowhere gives me hope that we'll be seeing Sora at some point, too!

TheAntiFanboy4389d ago

Mm, I liked the Tifa/Hitomi fight more. It had a much more human element to it. But then again, I never really got into the FF series, so I can't gush over the summons like everyone else is doing.

Lucreto4389d ago

I love the use of the Summons. That made it epic.

brain_ape4389d ago

Pretty good. FFX didn't have the best summons though. FFVII did.

bankai4389d ago

only if you count knights of the round, that summon equaled instant pwnage of all enemies and made the game even easier than it already was.

Blackcanary4389d ago

Youtube as well Monty oum has stated that Dead Fantasy 5 should be out sometime this week.

Lucreto4389d ago

It is at Comic-Con this week so gametrailers will have it a bit later.

N4GAddict4389d ago

Wonder if anyone hired him yet? He has so much talent.

Reibooi4389d ago

He works for Bandai Namco games.

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The story is too old to be commented.