Nintendo Announce Pokémon Village Fête Tour

Following the official announcement of their Wii Sports Resort launch activities earlier today, Nintendo have announced yet another public event for their UK audience. If you're looking for some free family fun this summer, step into a magical land full of Pokémon at the Pokémon Village Fête where you can experience the very latest Pokémon videogames for Nintendo DS and Wii and take in a screening of the 11th Pokémon movie – Pokémon: Giratina and the Sky Warrior.

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farsided5482d ago

God, they're gonna catch up with Land Before Time pretty soon here!

Neo Nugget5482d ago

I think I've seen three of them.

ShadowMantis5482d ago

Haha, Land Before Time, how old are u?!

farsided5481d ago

old enough to have seen the first one when it actually came out...and not see the rest!


Kicking Off Pokémon Scarlet/Violet: Top 9 Starter Pokémon Across All Generations

Every Pokémon trainer's journey begins with the difficult choice of Starter Pokémon. CGM has compiled a list of all the very best ones to choose no matter which game you start with.

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autobotdan1229d ago

Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword lol

BrainSyphoned1229d ago

My kid yesterday proclaimed he liked the DS more than the Switch because the controls work on the go. Then I asked if he would rather have Monster Hunter Stories 2 on Steam or Switch and he chose Steam. So proud!

jamesclark19911229d ago

Where the FUCK is Majoras Mask? 🙄

BlackDoomAx1228d ago

What about some Switch exclusive ?


Pokémon Needs to Expand its Spin-Off Games

Zahi AR. from Link Cable Gaming writes “Welcome back Link Cable Gaming fans. Join us as we celebrate Pokémon week for a few days longer! On February 27th, the franchise will be 25 years old, and many of us have played since then. Like Ash finally winning at the Alola League, so too should the games evolve with him. While the traditional games still are the biggest IPs, The Pokémon Company and Game Freak can certainly make new ones. Today, I want to talk about some areas the Pokémon universe could evolve to, but still, stick with its setting."

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Inverno1242d ago

They needa bring back games like Gale and Colosseum, make a digital card game for mobile and switch

Outlawzz1242d ago

They definitely need new mystery dungeon. Some strategy games, rangers again. There's lots of potential

senorfartcushion1242d ago

What do you think the last Pokémon direct was about? lol

ZeekQuattro1242d ago

Turns out this article was posted on the 24th. It didn't age well. lol

RPGer1242d ago

Action RPG pokemon is important. But I don't think Nintendo is good enough to do it and even considering it. They want to offer the minimal effort, because they want the praise of fan and reviewers when something plain like BoTW release as the first real open world.