The Top 7... who's buying this crap? has taken a look at some of those not so great titles out there and then realizes that there are many games that play horribly, that sell less than 3 day old donuts, and yet have enough sequals to make Nightmare On Elm Street series jealous. But why? GamesRadar asked it in the strapline, but they are forced to ask it again: who's buying this crap?

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Robotz Rule4193d ago

Me!I love the Armored core series and I'm a serious Mech n Robot fan!,and Gundam?oh no you didn't!

FeralPhoenix4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

Yeah, I know there are Gamers out there who like these games but I have to say I agree with most of his criticism's....and I've wondered myself who keeps making these Hunting games and worse who the hell is buying them? Come on, for the sake of decency please stop it -lol, I'm just kiddin' its a free country and I guess everyone can buy whatever they like.

PS360PCROCKS4192d ago

Perfect!!! LOL that was amazing those are all the games I question! Hahaha that was a hilarious article...I question those moronic mech games more than anything, I tried playing Armored core 4 for the 360 talk about boring, stupid, and DULL!! The graphics looked worse than anything I have seen, the robot was shiny and everything else looked like a early 90's PC game.

PS360PCROCKS4192d ago

Oh did anyone else notice most of those games are all Japanese? lol

Covenant4192d ago

There have been 25 Army Men games?!? Talk about running a franchise into the ground! The concept was played out a looooong time ago, although the games still sell probably because they're usually cheap ($20-30, sometime less).

Dynasty Warriors: Retire this before it gets any worse.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms: I have a friend who swears by these games. I see this game and I think..."Wow, this would have been 1998."

Gundam has some kind of cult-like hold on Japanese gamers...but they may wonder why Americans seem to have a cult-like obsession with GTA.

Cabela and hunting games...well, I suppose that blowing away small helpless animals appeals to someone out there.

The plug and plays...there's a reason that the few versions my store carries have been gathering dust for the past six months.

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