GamesAreEvil's Release of the Week: Shatter

GrE writes, "Unfortunately, with big movies come a barrage of movie based games that take advantage of fanboys and children. These titles tend to be a disgrace to video game kind and they aren't looked at twice by a serious gamer. Sadly, this week will see a one-two punch from the likes of G-Force and Watchmen..."

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bgrundman5476d ago

I read that this game looks pretty neat.

CrAppleton5476d ago

This game looks pretty neat.. but it's sad that THIS is our game of the week..

Neco5125476d ago

Doesn't look that great. Let alone the fact that we're in the middle of the summer drought. Can this really hold you over?

krouse935476d ago

I'm planing on getting this day one

wondroushippo5476d ago

I didn't realize that it was that big of a deal

CrAppleton5476d ago

LOL.. I'm right there with you man.. I wasn't aware that it was that big of a deal either

roblef5476d ago

I think it's kind of cool the game of the week isn't some crazy-ass blockbuster that costs $60 to find out it's not good and has issues with controls and camera.

Neco5125476d ago

Wow, this week in releases = sh!t :(

wondroushippo5476d ago

I guess that is what happens when retail decides to take an off week.

Gen0ne5476d ago

Wipeout Fury is this Thursday as well. With a dashboard update coming this Tuesday for it. Get comfortable with the idea with plunkin' down $20 for Shatter and Wipeout. $8 for Shatter $10 For Fury. Good times.

darkroomdemons5476d ago

Love me some cheap games that don't have Terminators in them...


Classic PS3 Game Shatter is Getting Remastered

Classic brick-breaking arcade game Shatter is getting remastered for modern consoles with upgraded visuals and even more smashing music.

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Game Music Daily Week 15

WE HIT ONE HUNDRED!! Come break out the confetti with Front Towards Gamer's staff picks of musical delight!

This week's awesome selections.
Shatter, Pokemon X&Y, Little Big Planet 2, The Wolf Among Us, True Crime, Chrono Trigger

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Top 5 Underrated Video Game Soundtracks

When people think about memorable video game soundtracks, there are a few recurring faces that seem to pop up every time. Final Fantasy, Zelda, and Mario are just a handful of franchises that get the bulk of the love when it comes to notable video game music. BagoGames presents 5 underrated soundtracks that you should give a listen to.

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pr0t0typeknuckles4127d ago

Madworld is the most underated soundtrack in recent years.

amaguli4127d ago

Nier had a fantastic soundtrack, but I don't really know if it would qualify as underrated. I still would have placed it on the list though.