Are You a BF 1943 Noob? Check this Handy Guide

PS3 Informer writes:

"There is nothing more annoying than playing a multiplayer online game with a bunch of n00bs. There you are, decked out in your battlefield camo, ready to capture the enemy base with your trusty combat knife clenched between your teeth. Leaping over a pile of sandbags, you expertly headshot one guard, while silently stabbing a second one to death just as they spawn in. Crouching in the shadows, you await the countdown indicating that you've captured the base - and turned the tide of victory in your teams favor. But what's that noise? A slow rumbling in the ground alerts you to the presence of enemy armor, no doubt piloted by one of the guards you just shivved moments ago. The tank trundles into the village, its turret rotating in search of a target. No probs, you think to yourself, one of my teammates has a bazooka and they should be coming along any second now, right?"

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clinker4397d ago

I am guilty of at least four things on that list. That explains why my team keeps losing lol.

Automat4397d ago

i have still not found any of the air-raid bunkers, so count me out of this list... :)

swingingape4396d ago

Silly noobs. Trix are for kids

BadKarmaSutra964397d ago

Dude, what are you doing? Don't teach them how to play the game. It might mess up my 20:1 kill ratio haha.

Sangria4397d ago (Edited 4397d ago )

My only problem with BF1943 is that i am not able to touch anyone with bombs. I am conscious that i must drop them a bit earlier but still i can't kill anyone. Even in training, it took me like 10 attempts to destroy motionless tanks.

So i only use planes in case of major need of a enemy camp capture. Otherwise i'm pretty good, without being very good.

The_Count4397d ago

The count (due to experience of flying all my 6 bats) have found slowing right down and low til nearly stalled almost guarantees a hit if dropped directly below.

Ah ah ah

DanSolo4397d ago

In any online game there are two types of noob; stupid annoying ones, and ones that just happen to be new to the game and are still learning!

Stupid annoying ones are just a fcking pain in the a$$ and seem only to exist to wind everyone else up in the game. They don't realise that they are noobs and that they need to take it slower and learn how to play the game right, and that to start with they should attempt to back up the more experienced players and learn how its done in the process, rather than run in like a retarded d!ckless version of Rambo and fvck everything up. Oh and they also tend to call everyone else noob as often as possible regardless of reason!

The ones who are just new to the game, yet realise that they are noobs and try to learn don't bother me though, we were all new to a game at one point, and we will all be noobs again in future games.

Oh and people who just make random annoying sounds into their mics deserve to be shot in the back of their heads!

That's my two cents!