The symbolism of Assassin's Creed (

IG writes: "Many see Assassin's Creed just as tough game where you can enjoy on the roofs and run a number of important persons commute on a loophole. The game was however full of symbolism, which was reflected in the drawings and texts at the end of the game opdoemden in the modern residence of the principal. With Assassin's Creed 2 is coming it's time to look at what those characters mean, and what links we can establish between Assassin's Creed series and mysterious societies."

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lokin4397d ago

enjoyed that. The last game before assasins creed which had a heavy "new world order" "illuminati" feel that I enjoyed was Deus Ex (1st one, 2nd was a bit of a letdown). anycase cannot wait for Assasins Creed 2.... and by the way, the Illuminati isnt a group.... its only one person....ME.... all heil me!!!

BadKarmaSutra964396d ago

Hey buddy. There's no "I" in