Calling All Cars! Updated Hands-On

Bring 'em in, lads! Gamespot checks out this madcap cops-and-robbers racer from the creator of God of War.

Here's an excerpt from the Hands-On preview of the game:
"Calling All Cars! might not be the kind of game you were expecting from Sony game designer David Jaffe--the man behind God of War and Twisted Metal: Black. The cel-shaded racing/action game is big on loony Saturday-morning-cartoon antics and short on blood and gore. That said, it still shares a key component from Jaffe's earlier efforts: It's fun. We had a chance to check out the full version of the game, which will be available for download in May via the PlayStation 3's online service, to see how far the game has come since our last look at the 2007 Game Developers Conference."

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