Digital Battle: Tunnel Rats review - Uwe Boll in interactive form

Digital Battle writes: "After his movie "Tunnel Rats", which, like any other Uwe Boll film, failed artistically and commercially, a game based on the movie is now out. Developed by Replay Studios and published by non other than Uwe Boll's own movie production company, Boll AG, the game is a first person shooter, where players assume the role of a soldier during the Vietnam War. After his buddies are killed, he must fight the Vietcong on his own, through a series of tunnels in the jungle."

The Good:
The font on the box art is cool

The Bad:
Very dated visuals
Horrible audio and dialogue
Repetitive, boring gameplay
Laughable story
Buggy and glitchy
Based on a movie by Uwe Boll

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