Bleszinski on Dark Corners SP and Natal

Gears of War 2 designer Cliff Bleszinski has shed some light on the single-player/co-op campaign element of the upcoming Dark Corners expansion, revealing that it's a 90-minute section that sees Marcus and Dom play dress-up.

"It's a 90-minute section that was actually snipped out of Gears of War 2, where Marcus and Dom are actually going to the Locust homeworld and they're basically suited up in Locust armour and have a choice - because they knocked out a couple of Therons - they can go in guns-blazing as they always do, Rambo-style, or they can go with a more stealth approach, so it's a little bit of stealth in the Gears universe," Bleszinski told Major Nelson's podcast.

"You get Achievements for playing the mode either way and it kind of plugs right into the main game. It's actually the first time we've done any sort of single-player DLC. It's kind of a test to see whether people dig it."

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StanLee4389d ago

I'm not expecting much from the single player DLC but it could turn out to be substantial and enjoyable.

NewZealander4389d ago

so its 1200 MS points for dark corners or 1600 MS pts for all fronts?

considering im only interested in the single player and dont play online so maps are useless to me, 1200 pts is far too much for a 90min chapter!

MiloGarret4389d ago

Do what I did, convince a friend to share some of the cost with you and play it co-op. When it comes out, he'll give me some cash and I'll buy it and we'll play it co-op on my 360.

It IS too expensive, had they priced it at 800 points, both me and my friend would have bought it, earning them a total fo 1600 points, now they only get the 1200.


Please can someone clarify the pricings? Is it 1200MSP for All fronts? Like they said on their forums and is the singelplayer included in Dark Corners?

themyk4389d ago

how much is 1200 and 1600 points in real money?

Max Power4389d ago

I think 400 ms points is equal to $5 (US).

likedamaster4389d ago (Edited 4389d ago )

All Fronts @1600 includes Dark Corners AND all previous DLC. http://utforums.epicgames.c...

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kewlkat0074389d ago (Edited 4389d ago )

"Will it replace traditional gaming? No, but it's another amazing way that we can expand the gaming experience to a wider audience and enhance what's already there."

Hey, this is what Nintendo wanted to do and they did it. Thanks for being the guinea pigs others will say.

Jdoki4389d ago

Bleszinski sometimes talks crazy - but I agree with his comments on Natal.

DelbertGrady4389d ago

It was snipped out and now we have to pay for it?! Should've been released for free imo.

Roper3164389d ago

so they want 15 bucks for a section of the game they held out so they could sell it at a later time for extra money? Ya right!!!

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