Rumor: PS3 80GB Already In The Wild

From Kotaku:
"Is the 80 GB version of the PLAYSTATION 3 coming sooner than previously thought? It's possible.
We first broke news of the "elite" version of the PS3 nearly a month ago, based on a filing with the Federal Communications Commission and a tip from a reader, the first indication a new version was on the way.

Adding more fuel to the fire was Sony Computer Entertainment America's decision to phase out the 20GB model and Sony spokesperson Satoshi Fukuoka confirming that the company was looking at larger hard disks.

Then this shot, of which we are rightly suspicious but believe to be (gulp!) real, shows up in my mailbox showing a new model number (98004) and a larger hard drive spec (80 gigabytes/80 gigaoctets)..."

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Stunt4198d ago

I was about to post this, you beat me to it. If you asked me though, I would of went with a 200GB model.

Rybnik4198d ago

yeah, what gives? I thought it would be the 200GB, did I miss something?

gta_cb4198d ago

yeh i thought that the 80 was either a miss rumour, or an abandoned option as MS released a 120GB HDD, and well lets face it MS and Sony ALWAYS want to be better then each other, just incase sonyfanboys think im starting a flamewar lol, and that goes for you aswell xboxfanboys lol

KIdKool4198d ago (Edited 4198d ago )

improving it by 20 gigs, that pointless. unless you are going to drop the price or something

EDIT: the pic looks pretty real to me and its from kotako and they say belive it to be real. where did you see it "debunked"

Edit: i just saw it on gizmodo, but they belive it too

tplarkin74198d ago

It may be that it was actually cheaper for Sony to use an 80GB drive. So, it wasn't a matter of increasing the drive size to increase appeal. Since Sony allows you to swap drives in the PS3 with any standard drive, this theory of mine makes sense. The original Xbox spec was 8GB, but some models came with 10GB drives. The extra 2GB were not used.

kingofps34198d ago

I hope the picture is fake and a job well done by the artist.

Bill Gates4198d ago

who care how big it is. I would buy the cheaper 60gig and put in my own large HDD form less.

consolewar4198d ago

you care but u wont admit it.


miasma4198d ago

Why bother, just upgrade it yourself for far less money. I know, someone going to say "not everyone is tech savy enough to want to upgrade their own system", Well, hell then, find someone who is and still do it. Saves lot o' money, and you can have as much storage as your heart desires.

decapitator4198d ago

This is fake, why in the world would they bring an 80 when Microsoft is competing with 120 ?

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The story is too old to be commented.