PS3 firmware no longer optional

SixthAxis writes:Firmware updates are a strange thing, with the recent 2.80 update being entirely optional until this weekend's VidZone update. Whilst I can't personally confirm right now whether Sony have actually pushed the button marked "obligatory" on the PlayStation 3's Firmware Update 2.80 C&VG are claiming that to...

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vhero5189d ago

They are optional though you don't HAVE to download vidzone though do you?? Some people write stupid articles..

Jamie Foxx5189d ago

im sick and tired of stupid articles rergarding ps3 'prototype sells more than infamous' not on the ps3 it didnt,'ps3 only good for exclusives'...no it isnt and so what if it was?

wheres all the 360 doom and gloom news?

PirateThom5189d ago

You know that article "Xbox beats PS3 and Wii to become the 'it' console?"

It forgets to mention that the 360 is the cheapest console but still gets outsold by the Wii.

But that's standard, bad 360 news tends to be twisted.

Syronicus5189d ago

Because so many "journalists" want to see Sony fail due to their superiority for the last ten plus years. Many would rather ignore the short comings of the 360 and point out the minuscule issues with the PS3 just for the sake of getting hits on their lousy sites. It's just the way things are here. There are issues with the 360, it's just too many "journalists" turn a blind eye.

Rhythmattic5189d ago

Maybe, just maybe, its a way Sony controls the "homebrew" community.

For the homebrew users out there (not that they are successful YET) , it means a 2nd PS3. One for ":aaargghh" and one for online ?

Just a thought.

Christopher5189d ago (Edited 5189d ago )

Most firmware won't be optional because, as Sony has recently said, the stuff they put into this firmware updates are codebehind stuff for developers to use in order to improve their games.

For example, say Capcom wants to utilize a certain function in their game but need to include a function to do so with the OS for quick calling and streamlining. That goes into the firmware update and is now available to all developers to call in the similar manner. If your firmware didn't include that update, it's likely your game would crash.

OhReginald5189d ago

they are not optional. In order to access PSN you have to be updated in the latest firmware.

Information Minister5189d ago

Firmware updates are a non-issue. I usually download them in background through Sony's website on my laptop (or even at work) and then transfer the update to my PS3 using a USB flash drive. It only takes a couple minutes. Small price to pay for added functionality or stability. I don't know why people complain. Must be just fanboys grasping at straws.

@ Pirate - That "article" was written by an Xbox dedicated site. I wouldn't take it too seriously.

Syronicus5189d ago

Because the number of PS3 bashing articles gets more and more. It seems to be the one hot button that sites use to help generate buzz and hits while the game news is sparse. It's interesting but pathetic at the same time.

BLuKhaos5189d ago

The 2.80 update was optional.In fact, if I hadn't of came here found out the update was available I would've never known it was out.

shingo5189d ago (Edited 5189d ago )

i've just checked. it's finally available on the ps3 xmb, but i still can connect to psn and play online just fine without it. so it's still optional to download.

by the way, the story title is confusing... it should say "2.8"

cayal5189d ago

You don't hear any 360 doom and gloom because most of those stupid articles come from Americans.

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siyrobbo5189d ago

There may come a time when somebody finds an exploit in one of sonys firmwares, maybe sony are aware of something we are not and are taking the necessary precautions?

plstcsldgr5189d ago

so 1 update has been optional so that has how its going to be for ever now?

typikal825189d ago

Only a few firmware updates have been optional. What a useless article.

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