"I'll be disappointed if we can't sell a million plus," says APB's Dave Jones

Realtime Worlds boss Dave Jones told VG247 that he'd be disappointed if action MMO APB didn't shift over a million units.

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Pandemic3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

If there wanting to shift over 1 million copies then they'll need to make it available on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 along with the PC.


This game was for the Xbox 360 aswell at first but did they cancel that?

Pandemic3472d ago

I also thought it was going to be available for the Xbox 360 but in the recent Q&A it seems it's going to firstly be released on PC then they'll decide if it will be placed on the consoles.

gaffyh3472d ago

If it was only on 360 it is more likely to sell a million than if it's only on PC. I don't see why they took such a ridiculous decision to make it PC exclusive, piracy is way too rampant on PC.

I may get it on PC, because my PC will be able to run it easily, but I dunno if I'll like the game.

SuperM3472d ago

And im sure blizzard should never have made World of Warcraft exclusive to PC either. What a terrible move.

On a serious note, this game can easily ship over a million on the PC as long as its good enough. Piracy is never really an issue with MMO's

STK0263472d ago

of course hitting the million mark is easier on consoles than on PC. However, if it has a subsciption fee, chances are that people willing to buy it will actually have to buy it, and if it's a good game when it launches, it will hit the million mark fairly easily, the problem is keeping the user base, like AoC and WH failed to achieve but WoW and EQ managed to achieve.

silvacrest3472d ago

MMOs dont have to worry about piracy simply because of the paid subscriptions

which is why blizzard is just rolling in it

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DelbertGrady3472d ago

Make it PC/360 and you won't have to worry.

LazyDevs3472d ago

Why most people on this site would rather play it on the far SUPERIOR PC VERSION!!!!

ThaOutKast3472d ago

I would have bought it day one.
But then you canceled the 360 version and there is no waymy PC could even run the loading screen for this game.

monkey6023472d ago

Yeah I know what you mean, I only started getting interested in this over the last few days. Only now discovered that console versions are no more. My computer will never run this, so it's a miss from me too

free2game3653472d ago

Honestly that's a poor excuse. Why does everything have to be dumbed down for consoles? I swear it doesn't seem like console gamers are satisfied till everything is totally designed around them.

kaveti66163472d ago

What do you mean? Just because a game is going to be on consoles doesn't mean the PC version gets dumbed down. The PC version of any game can look as good as the dev can make it look for PC, and then get dumbed down to work on a console, so your PC version is just fine.