First PSP go Console Review

The website for Gadget Show (UK) has been updated with a short video review of the new PSP go from Sony.

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qface643474d ago

i honestly have no clue why but something about actually looking at them side by side i have to say to me the original psp seems more appealing to me

guess ill wait until i have one for myself to make my final decision

capital1player3474d ago


gaffyh3474d ago

@above - I agree to a certain extent, however if the games cost less than $10 and most of them are $0.99 (like on the iPhone) you don't really care that much.

Obviously with PSPgo you HAVE to download even the full sized games, so it could be a problem.

ABizzel13474d ago

I agree with 1.2

I prefer to for my handhelds to be downloadable only. I don't want to carry around all those disc when I can just boot the game off the HDD. I like that the PSP Go has 16GB of internal memory and you can boost it up to 32GB.

It's all about preference. I like having disc over downloadable games when it comes to consoles, but I want complete portability when it comes to my handhelds, and the less stuff I have the carry around the better. I'll tell you now, I love my PSP 2000, but I use it as a mp3 player more than a gaming platform because I don't want to carry the 10 games I have around all the time, and I don't want to buy a carrying bag or case to put them in it just looks tacky.

So the PSP Go is perfect for me because I can play my games right off the HDD and there's no need to hold anything else. And hopefully PSP games will drop in price due to extremely cheap dev kits, and we may see some $1 downloadable games and more.

Now all I hope for is that there's a way we'll be able to rip our PSP games onto the PSP Go. If not I'll be a little bummed.

Narutone663473d ago

and I might buy the PSP Go in the future. I wish that when you buy a game in UMD, you are allowed to have a digital copy for the PSP Go. That would be really great for the gamers.

Christopher3473d ago

I don't own either yet, but I'm leaning way towards the AC2 special bundle w/the PSP 3000 kit. With that one I can do both digital and medium-based games and the size doesn't bother me in the least.

capital1player3473d ago

yes i agree that would games alot easier but what im saying is that they should just have both ! for the ps4 i really would rather have selling a digital and a hard copy i just dont want them to have only digital copies!

iPirates3473d ago

I'm really down with the downloadable games only. Much more convenient as far as I'm concerned, however, I also find myself downloading TONS of games onto my PS3 as well, so maybe that's just me.

Just as long as storage doesn't become a problem, I think DL only handheld will do really well.

(Who hasn't hacked their DS and downloaded roms? I wonder if this will make hacking the PSPGo compatible with DL only games easier?)

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tonytouchx3474d ago

^^i dont know man,i think the psp go is a lot better,but what kills it is that price,but hey at least ppl could choose what psp they want cause sony is going to support both,so in the end it doesnt matter cause u have a choice and i think psp go will make it just fine,just in opinion.

Willio3473d ago

I agree with you. In my opinion, PSP GO is trying to compete with only Apple's products. The price ranges are relative and both play music. Assuming skype still works, its not too steep for its price.

Daishi3473d ago

I payed $250 USD for my PSP at launch and it didn't come with 16GB of memory or half the features that the Go comes with so I don't see much of a problem with the price. My only concern is how much tighter the controls are squeazed in together. It looks uncomfortable like he mentioned.

RockmanII73474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

More like PSP NO lolololololololololol

SpoonyRedMage3474d ago

Hmm, sounds good but as a DSi owners as he talking about at the end, I'd much rather get one of the older models for a lower price.

Whilst the PSP itself is quite appealing, the PSP GO is not. Also I'd be concerned about being able to play it because I have big hands.

slinkey1233474d ago

250 quid ?!?! WTF i can buy a normal PSP for half that and have the option of UMD... This should be no more that 130 max i think.

Karum3474d ago

The only advantage of having UMD is if you REALLY love physical media and are not fond of downloadable games. The cons of UMD are that you have to carry around discs, it's a power hog and the load times are pretty slow.

I have a PSP 2000 and might switch to a Go but even if I don't I think I'd probably take advantage of downloading them anyway just because it is that much more convenient.

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