Shattered Horizon Celebrates Apollo 11 Moon Landing

As the world looks back forty years today and celebrates the Apollo 11 Moon landing, Futuremark Games Studio looks forward forty years with two new screenshots from their forthcoming Shattered Horizon game, showing a Moon very different from the one we know today.

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qface643469d ago

so how many people out there believe the moon landing is real?

i always believed in it but my older sis was never a believer and im starting to doubt this thing myself

i mean how exactly do you know if its real or not?

JL3469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

I'm not sure I believe in it. I mean I don't doubt we could do it, what's the point though. What I can tell you, however, whether we went there or not, those pictures from Apollo 11 Moon Landing are fake at the very least. One thing to think about is this: landing on the moon was a big "win" in the space race. With the importance of it, wouldn't you think if they really did it, they'd want to put something up there on the moon that one would be able to see from Earth (through use of a telescope even) as definitive proof we were there?

xg-ei8ht3469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

We didn't have decent computers and we never had mobile phones, but apparently it was easier to put a man in space, land him on the moon, bunny hop about, drive about and then blast off come back home and have no side effects from doing so.

I've always felt it was fake, and still today nobody has proved to me it was real.

The footage filmed from a jet at the moon is telling(and had proper nasa atomic clock proving that when they were supposed to be half way to the moon, they were infact just circling the earth, which is what they really did and then ditched back to earth)

Nihilism3469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

wow has it really been 40 years since the u.s government paid stanley kubrick to make that fake moonlanding video where the flag is blowing in the wind that doesn't exist on the moon......what a great day today is

@Strikepackage Bravo

yes they do have instruments on the moon, but nothing can prove they weren't landed in the same way that the probes, aka, unmanned rockets.

with a name like that i can guess your a fox news watching great american patriot can i get a belligerent U.S.A!!, U.S.A!! haha * sarcasm *

p.s OBAMA 09 BABY!!


yes it's a theory but regardless of who made the footage it was faked, no wind on the moon + flag blowing in the non existant wind = fake, the creator of the film is irrelivent, and there are certainly things that point to kubrick making it, even if it's false my point remains

kevco333469d ago

I very much doubt Stanley Kubrick had anything to do with it, if it was faked, as that pretty much goes against everything he and his films stood for. Whoever came up with that conspiracy theory should do some proper research before simply bounding around a well known, but often misunderstood name. That's nearly as bad as saying Hitchcock did it...

Strikepackage Bravo3469d ago

was not blowing in the wind, dude, I've seen the footage, the movement that was described as blowing was due to the design of the flag and the Astronauts movement who put it in. Look you poor naive kids, the moon landings can easily be proved by the scientific community, both American, Russian or otherwise. The instruments placed there are precision instruments, you cant just drop them from an unmanned rocket from the 60s. Also we have quite a few astronauts who have been there and not a single one of them have leaked that it was all fake.

We have moon rocks that can and have been easily analyzed, and pretty the scientific community is quite confident the landing was real since they are the ones who got to study the materials from the surface. Most scientists these days are just as America hating as you are, don't you think they would have got together and spilled the beans on how the landing was fake by now?

Also you should do more research on the missions before assuming they were staged. The details alone of those missions prove they could not have been faked and kept secret all these years. Too many people would have had to be in on it, the more people, the more possible leaks.

Strikepackage Bravo3469d ago

They do have instruments up there that can be detected today, its how they measure the distance from the moon and Earth.(it changes)

Any scientist with the right tools can verify this, and they often do.
Its hard for you guys to believe because you are from this loser generation, but back then America was strong and proud of it, we could have done anything with enough cash. Now all we can do is elect a communist to the presidency.

JL3469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

First, let me say this: I'm not saying they didn't go, and I'm especially not saying we COULDN'T go(I didn't disagree with you either)(btw, I'm American), all I'm saying it all of it seems a bit suspicious. I'm not really sure what we would even gain from going there either. There are too many discrepancies and whatnot. We, also, had too much to gain from "landing" on the moon. Like I said, I won't say we haven't ever landed on the moon, but I'm by NO means going to say Apollo 11 did, and that we ever really have. Too much adds up against Apollo 11.

Scientific equipment being on the moon proves nothing. That can all be faked very easily. Allow me to point out some suspicious things about the whole moon landing though:

1.) The video feed to TVs was really poor quality, so that nothing could really be seen (when NASA themselves had excellent video footage), this was in part also because they wouldn't even allow networks a direct link, rather they had to film straight off a TV in Houston. Why wouldn't they allow them the better quality video? Why not a direct link?
2.)How in the world did they manage to take such professional, high grade, perfect still pictures with stuff like radiation and whatnot in space to interfere with the camera and their big suits (gloves) interfering with operating the cameras? Check the shadows on pictures. The position of some shadows would've had to been made by multiple light sources, the sun and some bright spotlights, yet no spotlights were up there. And the quality of these pictures are absolutely perfect (minus the few discrepancies here and there). If the pictures are fake, why would the have to fake them if they went there?
3.)A scientist from NASA himself said shielding at least a couple meters thick would be needed to protect against the radiation bursts out there. Yet, NASA themselves said that the walls of the lunar landers were about as thick as heavy duty aluminum foil. How did that save them from that radiation? It should've killed them. Yet they didn't get cancer or anything. Want to tell me those suits protected them from such high radiation levels? Chernobyl could've used suits like that if that was the case.
4.)I'll repeat this one from before, why didn't we put up some kind of signal that could be seen from Earth or leave something as a marker that can be seen from down here. With us being in the Cold War that would've been huge. I mean, absolute undeniable proof. And a signal would've been really easy with flares. Yet nothing like that.
5.)NASA laughed and joked, ragging Shepard about slicing the golf ball he hit. I'll repeat that: slicing the golf ball. How? A slice is caused by uneven air flow. With no atmosphere up there, how is that even remotely possible?
6.)How did that lander make absolutely no mark on the surface of the moon? With the thrusters and all to slow its decent it should've left a small crater, yet the astronauts themselves seemed to leave bigger marks on the surface than the lander. That doesn't seem right.
7.)The pressure in those suits is really high. Yet those guys are just moving around like they have no care in the world. Bending and moving so freely.
8.)How come the picture of the first man to step on the moon EVER is taken from an angle that would only be possible from the surface of the moon?
9.)How come important documents and stuff from one of America's most historical events just goes up and missing like it has. Most notably the actual original video footage of the landing?
10.)Sure seems alot of people died that were involved with the Apollo program. And several accounts of people close to the project sort of subtly slipping up when asked about the landing and if it was a hoax. And even been several known time when Buzz would get up and storm off (even crying by some tellings) when asked about the landing. Guilty conscience maybe?

I'm not saying it didn't happen, I'm just saying....there are discrepancies. At any rate, if we didn't land there then, then (especially in light of all the hoax stuff), we've landed there since then just so they could "cover their tracks" so to speak, if it didn't happen with 11. I never have doubted that we could, just Apollo 11 and everything surrounding it, does raise some questions.

FM_kingkatt3469d ago

Forget whether the landing was faked, what's really hard to believe is that when Neil Armstrong first set foot on the Moon there wasn’t a single coin-operated arcade machine or home video game system available anywhere. Everything in the history of commercial video games happened after that historic event.

Strikepackage Bravo3469d ago

is that hard to believe? We got alot of technology from the moon missions, not sure if any of it went into video game technology, prolly did though.

@ the X-jl-x Everything you said can be easily explained, you just need to do the research, or talk to the right people, quit getting your ideas from anti American propagandists. If you want to believe we didn't go to the moon however, no one will be able to convince you otherwise.

JL3469d ago

Wow, you are WAY too defensive about the subject dude. Obviously you didn't read what I said. I never said I believe one way or the other, just that you have to admit there are reasonable red flags on the matter. All this "anti-American" stuff you keep spewing (I AM AMERICAN), sounds really defensive and closed-minded. Like the Christians who would damn you to hell themselves if you even tried to have a reasonable debate about religion with them and set to dispute even the most minute detail in the Bible. I'm sure there are explanations for some of the things in that list. Do I care enough to do that much research on it? Absolutely not. Going to the moon has no relevant purpose. So back to my original thoughts on the matter: Why would we even want to?

I love how you want to belittle everyone in this thread and then go on to basically call me some follower of propagandists, while on the same note you're so eager to swallow anything they feed you just because they said so. Plain and simple: I never said it's a hoax, I never said it wasn't. I was just pointing out the other side of the argument. I don't know why you're getting so defensive and making it out like anybody who doesn't agree with you is obviously in on some scheme to overthrow the American government or something. Calm down dude.

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