Two Worlds Hands-On

IGN spends a few hours wandering the world of Antaloor, battling bears, dragons, and half-naked bandits.

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power of Green 6064d ago

Seems like the PS3 versions rumor faded into Oblivion.

ASSASSYN 36o6064d ago (Edited 6064d ago )

Speaking of fading my intrest in this game. It is rumored to release in september. If mass effect is actully pushed back till september anything in it`s vicinity will get b`\tch slapped to oblivion.

FCOLitsjustagame6064d ago

Per this preview "This is the kind of madness gamers can expect when Two Worlds ships for PC and Xbox 360 on June 26."

The other sources I have seen have said anything from mid May to end of June. I have not heard it will be pushed back to September and if they are already doing hands on previews I dont know why it would get pushed back that far. Unless they get a lot of negative feedback from the previewers.

fjtorres6064d ago

The comments about the NPC graphics, the combat system, and the general roughness of the game suggest the thing is more than two months away from being finished.
Add me to the (increasingly) skeptical list about this game.
I see good ideas but no evidence these folks can pull off a polished product.

Silver Bull3t6064d ago

1. Area load lag or streaming?
2. Pop-in?
3. so will it really have on-line co-op or not?

Evil Rant Monkey6064d ago

This game will be the shiit! Unlimited leveling (like Morrowind) with your character should be pretty interesting. And it's supposed to have online co-op\game modes for upto 8 people... ohhhhh snap! Definatly buying this when it comes out.

Evoluti0n6064d ago

it will have 8 person co-op, that's why I'm excited about this game.

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Whatever Happened To... Two Worlds?

Ethan Butterfield from GameGrin wrote "Has there ever been a point when you’ve looked through your gaming library and wondered, “Huh, whatever happened to this title?"

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MadLad2127d ago

First one was garbage. The second was a janky cheese-fest. And then their follow-up release, Raven's Cry, wasn't even complete at launch; doing so badly they re-released it under a new title more than a year later ... still not complete.

Fluxour2127d ago

We happily forgot about it. Thanks for reminding us -_-

Porcelain_Chicken2127d ago

I'm probably in the minority but I loved the second one! I acknowledge that it wasn't a great game but I enjoyed it thoroughly and even platinumed it >_<

Jinger2127d ago

The first one was pretty bad, but I enjoyed the second despite its flaws. A bit rough around the edges, but it was a pretty decent RPG.

slasaru012127d ago

I liked both. I hope they will come to Xbox BC

Jinger2127d ago

The first one just had too many big glitches. The second was much smoother and had more polish

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Two Worlds – The Best Bad Game Of All Time

"Two Worlds is a weird game. But that’s fine, because that’s why it’s worth talking about.

"It didn’t sit with critics all too well on its release back in 2007, but take a quick look at its GoG page and you’ll find glowing review after glowing review.

"Along with many people, I also like it – even though it's absolutely terrible."

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PerrynAybara3143d ago

I agree. Two Worlds II is a great bad game too!

nicksetzer13142d ago

Yea, two worlds 2 was great. Lots of great mod tools too which were super fun. Nothing about the game was done well, but something about playing it with a few friends was just a fun time. Thought I was the only one.

Bigpappy3142d ago

I really enjoyed both entries. I wish they would attempt another and keep the unprofessional voice actors, but improve the AI so they react to you stealing their stuff and such. The bad English gave the game a unique personality and added a lair of humor not found in other RPG's.

shodan743143d ago

There's something genuinely great about a game that's so bad it's good - probably because it's a rarer thing to find in gaming than, say, movies.

Back in the day I got obsessed with a really weird FPS called PO'ed. It was rubbish in so many ways, but it had more personality and character than pretty much any other shooter I've ever played.