Is Epona a Companion or a Vehicle?

A rider and his horse is meant to be one of the strongest bonds between man and animal. While traveling great distances, people often had nothing except their horse to keep them company. Needless to say, one's relationships with their horse should naturally grow strong.

The Legend of Zelda has used horseback riding for several titles now. We first met Epona in Ocarina of Time, and then she reprised her role in Majora's Mask. We had a brief glimpse of the horse in Four Sword Adventures , and once again in the most recent installment, Twilight Princess. We also saw Epona in the Oracle series, and The Minish Cap, but she was not ridable.

Despite Epona's reoccurring role, this deep relationship we should expect between Link and his horse isn't there. In fact, compared to their competitors in the industry, Link and Epona hardly stand out at all.

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qface643469d ago

shes more of a companion because once you get warp shes no longer a vehicle yet shes always there anyways

im not sure