Resident Evil 5: Graphics cards benchmarks

Pc Games Hardware made graphics cards benchmarks with the Resident Evil 5 benchmark tool. They tested eleven Radeon and Geforce graphics cards. Apparently DirectX 9 is better for Radeons while on DirectX 10 they suffer from distortions and performance disadvantages. RE5 is a Nvidia "The Way it's Meant To Be Played".

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NRG3471d ago

Looks pretty typical to me. Nvidia normally has better early support, then ATI hits back with a newer driver or hotfixes. Doesn't even look that bad in DX9 considering the 4870 is beating the 260 and the 4890 is beating the 275, which is exactly what they're made to compete with.

baraka0073471d ago

Did you even click on the link Prospero? Even the 100 dollar cards are running this game at 4x AA 16 AF graphics maxed at 1920 x 1200 with full 3d support... how the hell is that looking crappy compared to the console versions RE?