Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will appear this year?

Nextgamer writes: "In the official game entry of Bad Company 2 on you can pre-order the game for winter 2009".

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davethedj3467d ago

they better push it back to 2010
cuz THA BEAST MW2 is comeing baby

Crazyglues3466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )

They are coming out Sept 30th and that's a little more then a month ahead of MW2, so they will do their numbers.

Not to mention that a lot of people who will buy Bad Company 2 will also buy MW2... so they will be fine..

and pushing back your game is never a good thing... also it would not make sense to do that because this 2010 is already packed with a lot of games coming in the first quarter. -like Mafia II, Bioshock 2, just to name a few..

@ interrergator (below me) Actually Gameplay of the game has been out for awhile.. -

enjoy, in-case you missed it, the game is going to be amazing.


Both MW2 and BF:BC2 will both get some love from me :)

RussDeBuss3466d ago

bc2 = purchase as is all about the multiplayer and has legs

mw2 = rental only, cos i'm still playing bc1 multiplayer as got bored of cod4, and cant see anything new coming to mw2 multiplayer

goflyakite3466d ago

After buying BF 1943, i realized how much I liked the demo of BF:BC. I guess I didn't buy it because there were other games I was playing.

I'll keep an eye out for BF:BC2 for sure.

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interrergator3467d ago

has anybody seen gameplay yet kuz i havent? and it shouldnt come out this fall kuz modern warfare 2 is gona destroy this holiday.

micro_invader3467d ago

There's some videos on youtube of the multiplayer section.

ZILLA3467d ago

everyone has been dropping COD and KZ2 and getting on the BATTLEFIELD called BAAAAAAAAAAAD COMPANY!!and they are not leaving any time soon.its ONLINE INSANITY!!!

a_squirrel3466d ago

Cod4 = Bored after a bit
Killzone 2 = Epic! But, still not as exciting after
Halo 3 = Great for a bunch of friends, very customizable
BF: BC = Different Everytime, buildings, weapons, enemies, EPIC (story is probably a little boring)

siyrobbo3467d ago

I cant see EA bringing this game out so close to modern warfare 2, but then if MW2 is anything like cod4 its going to hang around the sales charts intimidating the competition for a very long while

Solans Scott3467d ago

I have visited Electronic Art's site often and I always wondered about that release date. In all of the interviews with the Dice developers they always say that the game will be available in 2010. I do think that the website just needs updating. Just a few weeks ago their website had listed Left 4 Dead 2 as coming to the Ps3 this fall and it just turned out to be a mistake which was quickly corrected. I love the Call of Duty series and the Battlefield series and so I seriously doubt that Electronic Arts would release the game so close to Modern Warfare 2. Both games are stellar in my opinion and both need their own window of opportunity to really maximize sales as both need to sell well.

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