Harry Potter Tops UK Chart

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince has topped the UK all format sales chart for the week ending 18 July 2009.

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Fyzzu3472d ago

I'm just shocked to see Transformers at 2 myself. Still happy that Layton's in there, though!

qface643472d ago

wow those are the top 2 games
i just don't know if its horrible taste or what

Admiral_Benson3472d ago

These disposable movie tie-in crap games always seem to top the charts for a couple of weeks over here.

They will also probably be topping "pre-owned" sections nationwide within the next few weeks aswell though....

Raf1k13472d ago

The kids love Potter and such movies so they're always likely to want to pick up the games as well. Just about every kid whose a Potter nut will want a copy so I'm really not all that surprised by it.

Seems Sony's advert for the Potter game was a good idea. Shame they don't advertise more of their games.

skullmcrex3472d ago

There actually was only two minutes of action in the movie. For some reason the best quidditch match in the series wasn't included. I didn't go to the cinema to watch bloody twilight!

qface643472d ago

ewww twilight *squirms* e.o''

SevWolf3472d ago

I know what you mean, I haven't gotten the time to see the movie, but my sisters who have also read the books (like me :D), told me that quite a few good/important scenes were cut from the movie, but hey I don't think any of the movies could be worse the order of the phoenix XD

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The story is too old to be commented.